US News: Putin annexes by decree Europe's largest nuclear power plant

shammers in the areas occupied by Russia have started

 shammers in the areas occupied by Russia have started After the setbacks of the Russian army in Ukraine, Russia's President Vladimir Putin threatened to use “all means” at war when he announced the partial mobilization of reservists on Wednesday. This arouses fears that a nuclear weapon could be used again for the first time since 1945. Russia is the largest nuclear power in the world. An overview of possible scenarios: © world US Secretary of State Antony Flashing has called for an end to Russian threats of nuclear weapons.

Russia's President Vladimir Putin has commissioned the government in Moscow to nationalize the Ukrainian nuclear power plant Saporischschja occupied by its troops.

Ein russischer Soldat einen Bereich des Kernkraftwerks Saporischschja in der Ukraine. © -/AP/dpa A Russian soldier an area of ​​the Saporischschja nuclear power plant in Ukraine.

"The government is instructed to ensure that objects for the use of nuclear power of the Saporischschja nuclear power plant and other property are taken into state possession for its function," says the decree published on Wednesday. The Saporischschja nuclear power plant is the largest nuclear power plant in Europe.

Russia has actually been checking the nuclear power plant since the beginning of March when Moscow occupied troops in the course of the war of aggression. The power plant has been under fire several times in the past few months and even had to be shut down.

Ukraine and Russia are blamed for the damage. The fire has triggered concerns about nuclear disaster internationally.

Russia has recently annexed four Ukrainian regions in an offense violent procedure, including the Saporischschja area in which the nuclear power plant is located. Despite Russia, Ukraine has declared that the liberation of all of its regions has continued to struggle.

opinion: No fear of Putin's nuclear threat .
Putin, given the military successes of Ukraine and the delivery of western weapons, soon has only one option: the atomic bomb warn experts. This narrative is wrong and dangerous, says Joscha Weber. © Consolidated National Archives/DPA/Picture Alliance Tactical nuclear weapons to avert a defeat in Ukraine? This threat should not scare us, says Joscha Weber - on the contrary. Fear paralyzes us. Fear weakens us. Fear prevents a clear view of things.

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