US News: US rocket with Russian cosmonauts started to ISS

War against Ukraine: According to the ongoing partial mobilization of the armed forces, the location

 War against Ukraine: According to the ongoing partial mobilization of the armed forces, the location only wants to delay the moment of his own defeat. This made Selenskyj clear in his nightly video address. © Gavriil Grigorov/Pool Sputnik Kremlin/AP/dpa Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin in Moscow. Around seven months after the start of the war, Russia's President Vladimir Putin ordered reservists on Wednesday. Since then, there has been horror in Russia in many places. There are protests nationwide. There have also been attacks on convening centers several times.

Kennedy Space Center. The United States has brought a Russian space driver into space. In the middle of the Russian war of aggression, this has a special symbol value. Also on board was an indigenous one from the USA for the first time.

 Eine «Falcon 9-Rakete» der Firma SpaceX und die «Dragon-Kapsel» heben mit einer multinationalen Besatzung von vier Astronauten in Cape Canaveral ab. © John Raoux A “Falcon 9 rocket” from SpaceX and the “Dragon capsule” canceled with a multinational crew of four astronauts in Cape Canaveral.

at the US playground station Kennedy Space Center has started a rocket with a Russian cosmonautin and three other astronauts to the international space station ISS. The Falcon 9 rocket of the private space company SpaceX resigned on Wednesday from the starting ramp at Cape Canaveral in the state of Florida. The crew of crew-5 from the cosmonaut Anna Kikina, the US astronauts Nicole Mann and Josh Cassada and the Japanese Koichi Wakata should reach the ISS after an approximately 30-hour trip.

North Korea provokes with further rocket tests

 North Korea provokes with further rocket tests for the fourth time this week, North Korea has fired two short -range missiles. The heaped weapons tests are also considered to be respected to South Korea in response to the shipping of a US aircraft carrier. © Jeon Heon-Kyun/Epa-Fe A screen on a train station in Seoul shows TV reports about the rocket tests The two rockets were fired north of the North Korean capital Pyongyang towards the sea, the South Korean general staff said in a statement.

The fact that the United States in the middle of the Russian War of Agency against Ukraine brings a Russian space driver into space has a special symbolic value. The space travel is one of the few areas in which Washington and Moscow continue to cooperate despite the war in Ukraine. Two weeks ago, Frank Rubio had traveled to the ISS for the first time since the Ukraine War started with a Russian Soyuz capsule.

the Ukraine war endangers but also this cooperation. The head of the Russian space agency Roskosmos, Juri Borissow, announced in the summer that Russia would leave the ISS "after 2024" and strive for the construction of its own space station.

The head of the Russian program for manned space travel, Sergej Krikalew, said on Monday that Roskosmos wanted to extend his participation beyond 2024. Roskosmos had started to "discuss our participation in the ISS program with our government".

North Korean medium -range rocket solves alarm in Japan from

 North Korean medium -range rocket solves alarm in Japan from North Korea has continued its youngest series of rocket tests. According to the South Korean military, a ballistic medium -range rocket flew over the Japanese architectural group on Tuesday (local time) towards the Japanese Sea (Korean: Ostianan), as reported by the Yonhap South Korean news agency. According to the South Korean military, it is North Korea's first start of a medium -range rocket for over eight months.

The ISS partner USA, Russia, Europe, Canada and Japan have undertaken to operate the common space laboratory by 2024. However, US representatives have already announced that they want to continue by 2030.

The rocket launch on Wednesday was not only because of the presence of 38-year-old Kikina, the only active cosmonaut of Russia, something special: with Nicole Mann, an indigenous one flew into space for the first time in history.

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