US News: IS women and their children from Syria brought to Germany

The son of the former Shah of Iran salutes "a women's revolution and for women"

 The son of the former Shah of Iran salutes © Olivier Douliery Reza Pahlavi, the son of the former Shah of Iran, during an interview with Washington, In the United States, on September 27, 2022 the demonstrations underway in Iran represent "a revolution of women and for women", estimates in an interview with AFP the son of the late Shah of Iran, also calling the international community to do more to accelerate the fall of the diet.

In another return action, the Federal Government brought alleged IS supporters and their children from the Roj prison camp in Northeast Syria to Germany. As Federal Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock (Greens) announced, there are four women, seven children and a young man who was spent to Syria when the 11-year-old. The women and the man were arrested immediately after their arrival. You would now have to answer for your actions.

Frauen gehen durch das Gefangenenlager Roj im Nordosten Syriens. © Baderkhan Ahmad/AP/dpa women go through the Roj prison camp in northeastern Syria.

had previously reported "Spiegel" and "Bild" about the return action. According to Baerbock, almost all known cases have now been completed with the new campaign. A total of 26 women, 76 children and an adolescent from Northeast Syria were brought to Germany in six returns. The foreign minister was relieved that the children can return to Germany. She is not to blame for the "fatal life decisions of her parents". They are victims of the terrorist militia Islamic State (IS). According to the Federal Foreign Office,

returns are only possible with the consent and simultaneous return of the mothers. At the moment there is only one case in which the consent is available, but the return has not yet been implemented. In further cases, the mothers currently did not want to return.

Ukraine: "It is a policy of terror of a contested mafia chief", analyzes Colonel Pierre serve .
for the specialist in defense questions, the Russian president, who confirmed this Monday having ordered massive strikes on the 'Ukraine, is in a logic of warlike overbidding. A "terrrorist strategy" already used in Syria and Chechnya. © supplied by Franceinfo Vladimir Putin confirmed Massive strikes on Massive Energy Infrastructure on Mass October 10. The European Union denounces war crimes.

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