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US News: Attack in Jerusalem: an Israeli soldier killed, the human hunting continues

Moscow: Limits to Annecting Ukrainian areas partly to "Clarify"

 Moscow: Limits to Annecting Ukrainian areas partly to shortly before the start of the ceremony for the formal annexation of Ukrainian areas of Russia, the Kremlin announced on Friday that it must still clarify the "exact borders" of two of the four regions " ". I still have to clarify this about the regions of Cherson and Saporischschja, I cannot answer this question at the moment, "said Kremlin spokesman Dmitri Peskow. Meanwhile, the Russian army was in trouble in the city of Lyman occupied by it in the Donetsk region.

La police israélienne boucle le périmètre de l'attaque armée près du camp de réfugiés de Shuafat, à Jérusalem-Est, le 8 octobre 2022 © Ahmad Gharabli Israeli police loops the perimeter of the armed attack near the Shuafat refugee camp, in East Jerusalem, October 8 2022

An Israeli soldier was killed in an armed attack on Saturday evening in East Jerusalem, a few hours after the death of two Palestinian teenagers in an Israeli raid in occupied West Bank, a sign of a resurgence of the violence which "alarm" the UN .

Sunday, the research to find the main suspect, on the run, continued, said the police saying that a helicopter and special forces participate in the operation. Three Palestinians, suspected of being involved in the attack, were arrested, she said.

Death of Shireen Abu Akleh: "Justice will be done when the Israeli soldier who killed him will be incarcerated," said his niece

 Death of Shireen Abu Akleh: Star journalist from the Al Jazeera channel was shot on May 11. A month ago, the Israeli army acknowledged that one of its soldiers fired well in the direction of Shireen Abu Akleh by misunderstanding his identity.

Les forces de sécurité israéliennes se déploient sur le lieu de l'attaque armée à Jérusalem-Est, le 8 octobre 2022 © Ahmad Gharabli The Israeli security forces are deployed at the place of the armed attack in East Jerusalem, on October 8, 2022

soldier Noa Lazar, 18, who served in the military police, "succumbed to Serious injuries in an armed attack on the Chouafat checkpoint ", a Palestinian refugee camp in East Jerusalem, occupied and annexed by Israel, the Israeli army said in a statement.

Des secouristes de Magen David Adom, équivalent israélien de la Croix Rouge, interviennent sur les lieux d'une attaque armée à Jérusalem-Est, le 8 octobre 2022 © Ahmad Gharabli of the Magen David Adom rescuers, Israeli equivalent of the Red Cross, intervene on the scene of an armed attack in East Jerusalem, on October 8, 2022

Another 30-year-old Israeli was seriously injured by bullet At the head in the attack and was transported to Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem, the establishment said. Two border police officers were slightly injured by "bursts", police said.

Belgium: survivor of the Brussels attacks, a young woman euthanized for "psychological suffering"

 Belgium: survivor of the Brussels attacks, a young woman euthanized for © AFP A young Belgian woman was euthanized at the age of 23, suffering from psychiatric sequelae after escaping an attack. Shanti de Corte had long days to live in front of her. His life was not threatened, in the short or medium term, nor destroyed by unbearable physical pain. At her request, Belgian doctors, however, euthanized her on May 7, 2022, believing that the deep psychological sufferings of which she was the victim authorized her to resort to medical assistance to end her life.

The sector was completed by the police. Dozens of officers have been deployed around the Israeli checkpoint and inside the refugee camp.

The security measures have been reinforced at the entry and exit points of East Jerusalem, a Palestinian sector occupied by Israel since 1967, noted an AFP journalist.

The Israeli Prime Minister Yaïr Lapid promised on Sunday "to justify the officials of this heinous crime", which occurs during the Jewish holiday period. "Terrorism will not win, we are strong despite this difficult evening," he said in a statement.

- Buried raid in Jénine -

"I am alarmed by the deterioration of the security situation, and the intensification of armed clashes between Palestinians and the Israeli security forces in the West Bank" and in Jerusalem -Est, commented late Saturday evening 'UN emissary for the Middle East, Tor Wennesland.

earlier Saturday, two Palestinian teenagers were shot in a new Israeli army raid in Jenin, a bastion of Palestinian armed factions in northern West Bank, Palestinian territory occupied since 1967 by the Israeli army.

Two Palestinians killed in the West Bank, two Israelis injured in Jerusalem

 Two Palestinians killed in the West Bank, two Israelis injured in Jerusalem Israel-Palestinians/Violence (photo, TV): two Palestinians killed in the West Bank, two Israelis injured in Jerusalem by Ali Sawafta Jenin, West Bank, October 8 (Reuters) - Israeli forces killed two Palestinian teenagers on Saturday in disputing clashes for an occupied West Bank arrest, Palestinian officials said, while two Israelis were seriously injured in a shooting in Jerusalem, police.

The Palestinian Ministry of Health identified the dead as Ahmad Daraghmeh, 16, and Mahmoud Al-Sousse, 18. Eleven other Palestinians were injured.

Faced with the violence in the West Bank, the Palestinian authority of Mahmoud Abbas called on the United States to "accentuate the pressure on Israel to cease his total war against the Palestinian people".

Israeli operations "will lead to an explosion and a point of no return, which will have devastating consequences for all," warned Nabil Abou Roudeina, spokesperson for President Abbas.

The Islamic jihad, an influential Palestinian armed movement in the Jénine sector, presented the two teenagers like "his martyrs".

The Israeli army claimed to have made a raid to Jenine to arrest a 25 -year -old Palestinian, suspected of being a member of Islamic jihad and of having shot soldiers.

After deadly attacks in Israel in March and April, the Israeli army has multiplied operations in the West Bank, especially in the Jénine and Nablouse sectors.

These raids, often enamelled with clashes with the Palestinian population, have left more than a hundred dead on the Palestinian side, the heaviest bank in the West Bank for almost seven years, according to Tor Wennesland.


Australia renounces to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, its ambassador summoned .
© Jason Decrow Australian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Penny Wong, UN on September 23. The reaction did not drag. The Australian ambassador is urgently summoned this Tuesday morning to explain his government's decision to ultimately not recognize Jerusalem-West as the capital of the State of Israel.

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