US News: Storm Denise. Corsica-du-Sud remains in orange vigilance, 900 private electricity households

Habeck quits special rule for 2022 built -in heat pumps on

 Habeck quits special rule for 2022 built -in heat pumps on Berlin. So now: Economic Minister Habeck has announced a special regulation for owners of heat pumps in the planned electricity price brake. After a "heat pumping summit", the Greens politician said that a special consideration for heat pumps should be created, which were installed in 2022.

La tempête Denise a entraîné la formation de vagues importantes en Corse ce mardi 22 novembre 2022. © Pascal Pochard-Casabianca/AFP The Denise storm resulted in the formation of important waves in Corsica this Tuesday, November 22, 2022.

Orange vigilance is Maintained this Tuesday, November 22, 2022 in the evening in Corse-du-Sud, affected by the Denise storm. Strong winds have resulted in electricity cuts in the department.

Only the department of Corsica-du-Sud was maintained Tuesday November 22, 2022 in orange alert strong wind until midnight by Météo France, while 900 households remained deprived of electricity at 5 p.m. on the island of beauty, According to EDF in Corsica.

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Le Temps Friday: numerous showers south of the Garonne and temperatures down

 Le Temps Friday: numerous showers south of the Garonne and temperatures down © Valentino Belloni / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP Le Temps will remain agitated this Friday on a major part of France warns Météo France. Rafales that can frolic the 100km/h in Corsica and the 70km/h in the English Channel are expected during the day. On the sky side, the showers will be rarer in the north of the country but the sky will remain gray.

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on Haute-Corse, at the end of Tuesday morning, the wind had "already well weakened and no longer requires particular follow-up", indicated at midday Météo France, which added that, "to the department of Corsica -DU-SUD, the continuous western west wind (AIT) to blow in gusts with temporarily points between 120 to 140 km/h on the ridges, passes and caps exposed as well as in the Bouches de Bonifacio ".

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The Institute, which specifies that the wind generated by this "autumn storm" will decrease " Gradually next night ”, has recorded gusts up to 141 km/h at Cap Pertutasato, south of Bonifacio or up to 131 km/h in La Parata, in Ajaccio.

Ukraine: in kyiv, we prepare to face a rough winter and power cuts

 Ukraine: in kyiv, we prepare to face a rough winter and power cuts © AFP - Sergei Supinsky Maidan Square in kyiv under the snow, November 17, 2022. Many Ukrainians must face the start of Winter with little or no electricity and without hot water, while the first snow in winter fell on the country, after more than a month and a half of bombing on the country's energy network. of our special envoy to kyiv, Clea Broadhurst Tania is sitting at a coffee table, because electricity has just been cut at home - as is the case three times a day, for 4 hours.

Up to 2,000 people deprived of electricity

"at 5 p.m., 900 customers remain deprived of electricity, mainly in the regions: south of Sartène, Casinca and Plaine de Sarrola", on the outskirts of Ajaccio, indicated EDF in Corsica specifying that the "interventions continued all afternoon in difficult conditions" .

At the height of the storm, 2,000 customers were without current Tuesday morning.

EDF, which hopes for a return to normal in the evening, recalls that you should not approach an electric cable that has fallen to the ground, due to the risk of electrocution.

The Southern Corsican firefighters told AFP that they had carried out Tuesday "around twenty interventions related to the meteorological event" for floods, falls of branches or objects, but no one was injured listed at 7 p.m.

On the transport side, all flights from Ajaccio were canceled on Tuesday, according to the airport website.

In the Pyrénées-Atlantiques, orange vigilance was lifted as agreed at 12 noon this Tuesday.

Délontages: RTE and ENEDIS carry out a large-scale simulation on December 9 .
© HAUKE-Christian DISTRICH / DPA / DPA Picture-Alliance via AFP Faced with the risk of power cuts this winter, RTE and ENEDIS announced organize a national -scale test. Organizations will simulate on December 9, a major load shedding operation, to relieve the network. Because on the network manager side, we warn: France will be very electricity importing in the coming months. France will not escape the cuts.

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