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Turkey blames Kurdish PKK for attack in Istanbul

 Turkey blames Kurdish PKK for attack in Istanbul The Turkish Interior Minister Suleyman Soylu has held the banned workers' party Kurdistan (PKK) responsible for the attack in an Istanbul shopping street with at least six deaths. "According to our findings, the terrorist organization PKK is responsible," said Soylu on Monday morning, according to the official news agency Anadolu and local television channels. The person who deposited the bomb was arrested.

around 40 terabyte data has captured the LockBit group at the automotive supplier Continental. The FBI is also interested in the attack and is now involved in the investigation.

40 Terabyte Dokumente von Continental schwirren im Darknet herum. Darunter  wohl auch sensible Daten der Kunden VW, BMW und Mercedes. © Nitpicker / Shutterstock 40 Terabyte Documents from Continental buzz around the Darknet. Among them also sensitive data from customers VW, BMW and Mercedes. The Federal Police of the United States, the FBI, participates in the of a cyber attack on Continental. This reports Reuters and refers to a source with the German car supplier. It is about an Ransomware attack with the LockBit 3.0 software from August. The group of the same name is the most dangerous and most active cyberer press gang. The FBI has long been behind the masterminds, which is why the German security authorities are said to have added the authority. "Turned up" attack: Publication of sensitive data Continental had reported in the summer that the attack was "averted." However, the criminals turned to the company again in September and threatened data with the publication of 40 terabytes, if not Pay $ 50 million. At the same time, they published negotiation protocols on the ransom. There is currently a selection of the documents that shows how sensitive the data is, in the Darknet. As was known at the beginning of November, the burglars have captured secret strategy plans and session protocols 's highest levels. Internal sources also confirmed the scope of 40 terabytes. In addition, attracting documents from customers such as VW , their software subsidiary Cariad and BMW and Mercedes fell into their hands. Among them were technical concept drawings and files under confidentiality agreements. The car manufacturers are alerted and have already sent Continental to question catalogs , as the Handelsblatt reports. Months passed until the theft floged

security experts recommend constantly monitoring the data stream in order to track the theft of such a amount of data at an early stage. Continental had assumed that it had come with a blue eye for months.

trained dogs successfully feel corona infected on

 trained dogs successfully feel corona infected on Corona detection dogs can also be reliably sniffed corona infections in everyday situations and are suitable for use at major events. This is the result of a study under the direction of the Hanover Tierarzliche University (Tiho), which is presented in the specialist magazine "BMJ Global Health".

LockBit has overtaken the "Conti" software in the area of ​​ransomware. According to the analysts of Malwarebytes, 430 destinations are said to have been attacked by attracting bits between March and August alone. Der Spiegel writes that the cybercrime department of the Cologne public prosecutor's office is already working on investigations against attracting bit.

Documents seized with Trump: a court of appeal inflicts a setback on the ex-president by removing the independent expert .
Donald Trump now has a week to appeal to the Grand Court or before the Supreme Court of States -Unis © Steve Helber/AP/SIPA The residence of Donald Trump from Mar-A-Lago, Florida. Series law - Donald Trump now has a week to appeal to the full court in full or before the Supreme Court of the United States many experts predicted it.

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