US News: 31 17: The "good reflex" to report attacks in transport in Île-de-France

In Europe, it is in Paris that we most use self-service electric scooters

 In Europe, it is in Paris that we most use self-service electric scooters © Albrechtsen3004 / Pixabay Paris is the city of Europe where electric scooters are the most used. Illustration photo. in Paris, self-service electric scooters are widely used. Much more than in many other European cities. This mode of transport, which the capital does not, however, exclude banning in 2023, represents a good alternative to the metro or the bus. They are practical for some, exasperate others.

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"we will intervene Very quickly, we will prove your statements and we will find the attacker to have him condemned, "assured the president of the Ile-de-France region and patron of the regional transport authority Ile-de-France Mobilités (IDFM ).

11,000 calls received between January and September 2022

on the application, a button is dedicated to the reporting of violence of a sexist or sexual nature. Among the 11,000 calls received between January and September 2022, approximately 5% concerned acts of sexist or sexual violence. It is this type of violence that IDFM targets as a priority. Listeners were trained in specific problems of sexual and sexist violence. "We have strengthened the workforce as never by allowing the recruitment of 1,000 agents dedicated to security," said Valérie Pécresse.

Ocean: A new special issue to discover and understand the sea

 Ocean: A new special issue to discover and understand the sea © Photo Roberto Rinaldi / @1ocean Alexis Rosenfeld by diving on the 200 volcanoes valley, in the Mediterranean. More than 70 meters deep is an exceptional site of more than 200 mini-volcanoes spitting their fluids and gas from the center of the earth. It is at the heart of our existence: wonderful world, playground, source of all life ... lung of the planet, the ocean is at the heart of climatic issues.

between 12,000 and 14,000 video surveillance cameras are deployed in the Ile -de -France public transport network. According to a study by the Paris Region Institute published on Wednesday, more than nine out of ten victims of sexual and sexist attacks in the transport in Île-de-France are women, and among them, 47.4% have less than 25 year.

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damaged mainly committed in trains and RER

notable observation: while women fear being more victims of aggressions at night , in reality half of the sexual and sexist assaults take place "in the morning or in the afternoon", details the report. According to the National Observatory for Delinquency in Transport (ONDT), The attacks are mainly committed in the trains and RER (1,447 attacks in 2020). Then come the metro (599), the bus (308) then the tram (156).

"Insecurity associated with public transport spaces can lead women to adopt vigilance and avoidance behaviors to try to protect themselves against these attacks", explains the Paris Region Institute. If vigilance seems to be a rule, very common ploys used by women are to "seem occupied", "to adapt its appearance" or even to opt for other modes of travel.

"A drastic effort": the Paris town hall undertakes to decrease by 30 % its current expenses .
© Graham-H / Pixabay Wednesday November 30, 2022, the town hall announced that it wanted to reduce its current expenses by 30 %. Illustration photo. The Paris town hall announced, Wednesday, November 30, 2022, that it would reduce its "daily management spending" by 30%. An effort that will only have an impact on the internal functioning of the municipality, not on public service.

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