US News: Record: 11.4 million euros for nature conservation in forests

In town, such precious and inaccessible green spaces

 In town, such precious and inaccessible green spaces Green spaces are essential in the city both for the health of the inhabitants and for their well-being and the social relations that are formed there. However, the accessibility of these spaces remains uneven. Whether they have an aesthetic, health, ecological or social function, green spaces must be an integral part of the cities.

Thanks to lucrative funding, Bavaria's forest owners have implemented more measures for nature conservation this year than ever. “This is a new record for nature conservation in our forests in Bavaria: over 4800 measures, from the individual biotope tree to small -scale usage regulations to the preservation of old wood interest, the Free State supported a good 11.4 million euros this year. That is around one million more than in the previous year, »said Forest Minister Michaela Kaniber (CSU) and Environment Minister Thorsten Glauber (Free Voters) on Thursday at the start of the new application period in Munich.

Marteria feels “Hansa-Frosch” in the Amazon on

 Marteria feels “Hansa-Frosch” in the Amazon on The rapper and glowing fan of FC Hansa Rostock Marteria (39) has searched for a special animal in the deepest Peruvian rainforest. Together with the nature conservation initiative “Plant for Future”, he tracked down a rare frog in the Amazon area, which bears the blue and white-red colors of the football club in his hometown. The musician calls the animal “Hansa -Frosch” in the new documentary “The Amazon Job - the forest is not enough”.

Die Sonne scheint in einem Wald zwischen Bäumen hindurch. © Matthias Bein/DPA central image/ZB/Symbol image The sun shines in a forest between trees.

The application success shows that nature conservation and forest management would fit together: "The Bavarian forest owners thus make a decisive contribution to more nature and species protection in their forests." The Bavarian Forest and Nature Conservation Administration would also advise interested forest owners on the question of how they can do nature conservation measures in their forest integration as best as possible.

The Bavarian Contract Nature Protection Program Forest, a joint funding program of both administrations, rewarded a wealth of nature conservation measures on forest areas. In particular, the preservation of dead wood and biotope trees, as a livelihood for rare fungal, moss, insect and braiding species, is the focus of funding with around 90 percent of the measures.

private and municipal forest owners could apply for the coming year in the application period now started until May 31, 2023.

in Bavaria there are more than 2.5 million hectares of forest. This corresponds to about 36 percent of the total area of ​​the Free State. This is by far the largest forest area of ​​all 16 federal states. Bavaria's forests have been managed for centuries, and wind turbines in the forests will also be increasingly built in the future.

great worries about ash, oak and beech .
The forests in Rhineland -Palatinate have hardly recovered after an unusually dry summer this year - four out of five trees are still damaged. The weaker is a tree due to a lack of water, the less it could ward off fungal diseases or infestation of malice insects, said the climate protection minister Katrin Eder (Greens), which is also responsible for the forests, on Thursday at the presentation of the forest state report 2022.

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