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Ukraine -Ticker -Un - Russia and Ukraine have tortured prisoners of war

 Ukraine -Ticker -Un - Russia and Ukraine have tortured prisoners of war Nov 15 (Reuters) - developments related to war in Ukraine follow. In some cases, information cannot be checked independently. 12.04 p.m. - According to the United Nations (UN), both Russia and Ukraine have tortured war prisoners since the Russian invasion almost nine months ago. The vast majority of the Ukrainian prisoners of war, which were surveyed, reported torture and abuse, says the UN observer mission, Matilda Bogner, in Geneva.

Nov 24 (Reuters) - Developments about war in Ukraine follow. In some cases, information cannot be checked independently.

12.40 p.m. - According to Russian representation, the Ukrainian government can end the suffering of the population by fulfilling the demands of Russia for a solution to the conflict. This is what the spokesman for the Presidential Office in Moscow, Dmitri Peskow. When asked whether the Russian leadership is concerned about the effects of its attacks on the Ukrainian civilian population, he confirms previous statements that only goals with military importance are targeted.

11.33 a.m. - According to the Ukrainian supplier energy, the Saporischschja nuclear power plant is again connected to the external power supply. The diesel generators were parked.

Poland: The thesis of an accidental shot from Ukraine is emerging, kyiv still speaks of a "Russian" missile

 Poland: The thesis of an accidental shot from Ukraine is emerging, kyiv still speaks of a © Kacper Pempel The Polish President, Andrzej Duda, considered Wednesday as "highly probable" that the Missile was used by Ukrainian defense. Reuters/Kacper PEMPEL Where does the missile fallen in Poland comes from? The question occupies this diplomatic mouths this Wednesday.

10.33 a.m. - The EU is preparing a ninth sanction package against Russia at high pressure, says EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen during a visit to Finland.

10:22 a.m. - According to agency reports, Russia's domestic secret service FSB has prevented special Ukrainian special forces on an act of sabotage on the gas pipeline South Stream. Russian gas should flow through the Black Sea to Bulgaria via the pipeline. However, the project was dropped in favor of Turkstream.

10.11 a.m. - Talks with the International Atomic Energy Agency IAEA with regard to the Saporischschja nuclear power plant, Russia are going well. They are constructive, says deputy foreign minister Sergei Rjabkow. The nuclear power plant lies in Ukraine, but is controlled by Russia. It has been shot on several times, most recently on the weekend. Russia and Ukraine are responsible for the attacks. The IAEA tries to set up a security zone around the largest nuclear power plant to avoid atomic disaster.

"We focus on generators": as winter approaches in Ukraine, the concern in the European HQ of humanitarian aid

 The Center for the Coordination of the Emergency Reaction of the Union Located in Brussels has provided shelters, food, vehicles or medical help to the Ukrainians since February. © supplied by Franceinfo in the crisis room under the giant screens wall appear with cards, statistics and six clocks that indicate local time in different points of the globe. One of them has been settled on kyiv for almost nine months. Experts who work here devote to Ukraine most of their time.

09.44 a.m. - Representatives of Russia and Ukraine, according to insiders, met in the United Arab Emirates last week and talked about the possibility of a prisoner exchange. In return, Russia could be granted the export of ammonia, which is needed to manufacture fertilizers, three say people familiar with the negotiations. It was initially not clear whether progress was made in the conversation imposed by the Golf state.

8.38 a.m. - Hungary provides 187 million euros for an aid package for Ukraine planned by the EU. This emerges from a decree published late Wednesday evening. The Hungarian government had declared that it wanted to help Ukraine financially, but rather bilaterally than part of the EU aid. The EU promised Ukraine up to 18 billion euros for 2023. Prime Minister Viktor Orban had annoyed Ukraine with a scarf a few days ago. As can be seen from photos that are widespread in media, the country Hungary is depicted within old borders, which also include territories that belong to Ukraine, Austria, Slovakia, Romania, Croatia and Serbia today. Ukraine demanded an apology and an explanation that Hungary does not raise any claims to Ukrainian territory.

08.15 a.m. - After the violent Russian rocket fire of the Ukrainian energy infrastructure, more than two thirds of the capital Kyiv are still without a power supply in the morning. Part of the population is also cut off from water supply, Mayor Vitali Klitschko said. (If you have any questions, please contact our editorial team at [email protected])

War in Ukraine: the new Ukrainian director of the Zaporijjia nuclear power plant accused of being a "traitor" by kyiv .
just appointed by Moscow, Iourï Chernitchouk, a Ukrainian engineer, is pointed out by kyiv for accepting this job. © supplied by Franceinfo he was so far the assistant engineer of the power plant, occupied by the Russian army, since March 2022.

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