US News: Heimatunion: Founding foundation is Weckruf for CDU

new election in Berlin: The way it can't stay now!

 new election in Berlin: The way it can't stay now! The clap is official: Berlin has to completely repeat its chaos election from last September at the state and district level . The State Constitutional Court decided on Wednesday. The verdict was expected because the constitutional judges had already leaned out of the window very far at the hearing at the end of September. © provided by Berliner Zeitung Nevertheless, one should make it clear that this is the preliminary end of a first -class embarrassment.

The conservative Saxon local union sees a wake -up call for the CDU in the founding of the “Alliance Germany” party. It should be hoped that the founding of the partisan will bring those responsible in the Union to think about it, said local union chairman Sven Eppinger on Thursday. The home union is a basic movement within the Saxon CDU - as a consequence of quarrels, the Saxon branch of the value union in the CDU had decided to continue under the name of the home union.

The home union chairman Eppinger said that in Saxony as well as in the federal government, the CDU had a conservative party wing that capable of acting. “If this is given within the CDU the opportunity to develop, the party can offer attractive politics again and change to the successful People's Party. Then it will easily close the existing gap, »he said according to the announcement.

Merz calls for "basic corrections" for citizens 'money

 Merz calls for in the dispute over the citizens' money, CDU boss Friedrich Merz does not want to be satisfied with minor changes. "It needs fundamental corrections before the Union can agree to such a reform work," Merz told the Funke newspapers on Friday. During the negotiations in the mediation committee, it will be "about the right incentive to return to the labor market, the placement of placement, the duties of cooperation, the maternity leave and the protection".

Eppinger said that the CDU had to reflect on the proven positions of the "Vor-Merkel era" and orientate itself to the credo of Franz Josef Strauß that there should be no democratically legitimized party on the right of the Union. "Then Germany does not need a new party that only means a further fragmentation of the bourgeois camp and thus strengthens the left -green camp.»

The "Alliance Germany" party wants to gain members and voters from the conservative warehouse with the slogan "Freedom, Prosperity, Security". The freshly elected federal chairman of “Bündnis Germany”, Steffen Große, said that in this political spectrum there is a “representation gap”. This was created "because the AfD fails as a coalition partner", so that the voters, regardless of their decision at the urn, would ultimately always have to live with a policy that was shaped by red-green.

Reform of Asylum Law: The riss becomes lower .
© dpa The group leader Friedrich Merz and the first parliamentary managing director Thorsten Frei (both CDU) in the Bundestag The vote in the Bundestag on the reform of the asylum and residence right showed the crack that in migration policy through the Union. Several MPs of the CDU contained what they wanted to say: It is not that bad what the traffic light coalition did. The crack is a child of the Merkel era and one of the reasons that led to the rise of the AfD.

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