US News: Afghanistan. Decided not to "capitulate", about fifteen women demonstrate in Kabul

The Taliban claim that the situation on the Pakistani border is "normal" after the fighting.

 The Taliban claim that the situation on the Pakistani border is © supplied by News 360 Archive - Taliban members are sticking to a checkpoint in Kabul. - Saifurahman Safi / Noticias Xinhua / Contactophoto The Taliban said that the situation on the Pakistani border was "normal" after the fighting that has taken place in the region in recent days, while Kabul and Islamabad are trying to contain the situation and avoid any new instability. "There are no more problems. The situation is normal.

Des femmes manifestent pour leurs droits à Kaboul, le 24 novembre. © AFP women demonstrated for their rights in Kabul, on November 24.

A group of women demonstrated in Kabul for "their rights, until the end". A risky action since the Taliban resumed power in Afghanistan in August 2020.

About fifteen Afghan women briefly demonstrated Thursday November 24 in Kabul to defend "their rights, to the end" , on the eve of the International day to combat violence against women, AFP journalists have noted.

Wearing black sunglasses for the most part, the head covered with a veil and a surgical mask masking the bottom of their face, the demonstrators started their march in front of a mosque in downtown Kabul. Taliban of the Intelligence Services patrolled cars and others wandered, armed, in the street in front of the small group of women.

TV program: What to watch this Thursday evening on TV if you don't want to see the Brazil - Serbia match?

 TV program: What to watch this Thursday evening on TV if you don't want to see the Brazil - Serbia match? © Warner Bros This Thursday, November 24, 2022, football fans will be in front of the Brazil - Serbia match. For round ball allerks, don't panic! The editorial staff of Télé 7 Jours has concocted a special selection against programming. TMC put at 9:25 p.m. on the film A Star is Born .

The protesters of very different ages shouted their raised fists "Women, Life, Solidarity" . "We will fight for our rights to the end, and we will not capitulate" , could we read in Dari on one of the signs brandished by a participant. "America and the West betrayed Afghan women" , deplored another poster. “The horrible condition of Afghan women is a shame for the conscience of the world! said another in English.

Risk demonstrations

since the Taliban resumed power in August 2021 , following the departure after 20 years of war of the American troops, the demonstrations of women, which rarely bring together more than forty people, became risky . Many demonstrators have been arrested.

The Taliban has imposed an ultra-rigorist interpretation of Islam and gradually introduced the rules of increasingly strict, restricting in particular the rights and freedoms of women very strongly.

Italy has 104 women killed by sexist violence since the start of the year

 Italy has 104 women killed by sexist violence since the start of the year © provided by News 360 demonstration during the day against violence against women in Palermo, Italy. - Europa Press/Contacto/Antonio Melita The Italian government has published a detailing report that 104 women have been killed by gender violence so far in 2022, 88 of which have taken place in the emotional or family sphere and 52 were victims of their partner or ex-partner.

Secondary schools for girls were closed . Women civil servants are excluded from most public or paid jobs for misery to stay at home. Women are also prevented from traveling alone outside their city and must cover themselves with a full veil.

Prohibition to frequent parks and gardens

The Taliban also announced in November that they were no longer allowed to attend Kabul parks and gardens, but also gymnasiums or public baths.

Wednesday, telecommunications officials from the province of Uruzgan (South) said that women were no longer allowed to buy SIM cards for their mobile phones because stores did not have separate areas to serve them.

According to the UN, which organizes the international day to combat violence against women on Friday, violence against women and girls remains the most widespread and extensive human rights violation in the world. It is estimated that she touches one in three women. A figure that has been mainly unchanged over the past ten years, notes the organization.

Order of the State Order: SPD asks Government on Women's Quota .
The SPD in the Düsseldorf state parliament wants to know from the government whether it is planning a quota for women at the state office order. Federal President Frank-Walter Steinmeier had previously announced that it was a quota of at least 40 percent for women for the federal government. In a small request, SPD MP Anja Butschkau now wants to find out whether you have the same in NRW in mind.

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