US News: "It can take enormous proportions": BFMTV journalists threatened in Qatar in a fan village (video)

World Cup 2022: Qatar police trampled and prohibited a Brazilian flag with an LGBT

 World Cup 2022: Qatar police trampled and prohibited a Brazilian flag with an LGBT symbol after the Argentine - Saudi Arabia, two Brazilian journalists had problems with Qatar police and stadium safety. FIFA has banned "One Love" armbands, and Qatari do not want to see flags from the LGBTQIA+community. And seeing the rainbow on the Pernambouc flag, a state of Brazil, they believed that it was an LGBT support. They then took the flag and trampled on it ... © Gray after FIFA which launched a ban on wearing "One Love" armbands against LGBTQIA+ discrimination

Alors qu'ils tournaient un reportage sur les conditions de vie des supporters venus au Qatar pour la Coupe du Monde 2022, des journalistes de BFMTV ont été menacés par un employé qui souhaitait leur faire effacer des images. © BFM TV while they were reporting on the living conditions of supporters who came to Qatar for the Cup In the world, 2022, BFMTV journalists were threatened by an employee who wanted to make them erased images.

The trip to Qatar does not take place as planned for certain supporters. While the 2022 World Cup started on November 20, many football fans from around the world came there to support their selections. For the event, the country has built "fan villages" in which tourists are housed.

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Colombia: A plane crash in a residential area of ​​Medellin left eight dead

 Colombia: A plane crash in a residential area of ​​Medellin left eight dead The eight dead are the passengers and the plane crew. The small plane crashed on a house whose upper part was destroyed. © Daniel Quintero Calle/Twitter of the firefighters intervene in Medellin, Colombia, after the crash of a plane in a residential area, on November 21, 2022 A small plane crashed on Monday morning in a residential area of ​​ Medellin , in the northwest of Colombia, killing the eight people on board, we learned from official sources.

only, some supporters had a very bad surprise when arriving on site: Air conditioning in the rooms that do not work, broken showers, quality water to say the least. In a report made by the BBC , Mexican fans spoke of their living conditions in the village. " I took a shower, the water is brown when you open the tap so it is not very pleasing. I brushed my teeth with my bottle because the water was cleaner than that. The tents were made with a thick plastic and we are extremely hot. At certain times, it is unbearable to be inside , "they said. Present on site, BFMTV also wanted to go to a fan village in order to take stock of the situation. While they were able to exchange with supporters but also film the current sites, journalists were arrested by a man working on the spot. Quickly, after asking them to view certain images, he asked them to delete them. While journalists refuse, he will try to intimidate them to make them change their minds.

Mondial 2022: Behind the scenes of the "fan village" of Doha, where many supporters are unleashed

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" do not create problems in the Country, this can take huge proportions you have no idea. Things are very tense and you will have a very bad day. I don't want you to spend a bad day ", he launched them. Threats ignored by BFMTV, which will ultimately broadcast all these images on the air.

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In Iran, a 19 -year -old artist put an end to his days after his incarceration .
© provided by MadmoiZelle The face of Yalda Aghafazli in turn becomes a symbol of the mobilization in Iran. After spending ten days in a prison for demonstrating, this young artist committed suicide. She had just been released after spending eleven days in detention. Yalda Aghafazli was 19 years old and would have committed suicide around November 10 2022, report several activists and journalists including Samira Mohyddin.

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