US News: Airport employees find lively cats in suitcases

Nadège was at Brussels Airport: "I heard a bang right above me"

 Nadège was at Brussels Airport: © provided by Zeitjung Repost Nadège Findschler survived the bomb attacks in Brussels Airport. of the Terror of the so -called Islamic state has again struck, this time in Brussels , the capital of the political Europe. At least 34 people lost their lives on Tuesday when two bombs at Zaventem Airport and another in the Maonek metro station exploded. We spoke to Nadège Findschler, who, by a happy coincidence, only missed the worst.

security personnel discovered a lively cat at the airport in New York in the suitcase of a passenger. The orange animal was found in a closed suitcase that a passenger gave up in front of a flight at the John-F.-Kennedy airport, said a spokeswoman for the US traffic safety authority TSA of the German Press Agency.

Das Sicherheitspersonal am John F. Kennedy Flughafen in New York hat eine Katze im Koffer eines Passagiers gefunden. © Uncredited/Transportation Security Administration/AP/dpa The security personnel at John F. Kennedy Airport in New York has found a cat in the suitcase of a passenger.

in the luggage scanner the cat was discovered and then taken out before the suitcase was loaded onto the plane. The animal was in good shape and has now been safe again in his home. The passenger stated that the cat belonged to someone else from his household. No punishment await him.

When personnel emergency is: emergency rooms in Brandenburg's clinics report from .
illness and shortage of skilled workers thin out the staff in Brandenburg's emergency rooms. Some therefore report temporarily. In the meantime there are alternatives. © Photo: dpa/Patrick Pleul The entrance to the emergency room of a clinic in Bad Saarow. If personnel shortages in the emergency rooms at Brandenburg's clinics, they report off every now and then. This was the result of a survey by the German Press Agency.

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