US News: Greens consider the end of the passenger flights from Bremen

Aminata Touré by Citizen Geld -bankruptcy: CDU makes a mood with false statements

 Aminata Touré by Citizen Geld -bankruptcy: CDU makes a mood with false statements Kiel - the Citizens' Engineering has not found a majority in the Federal Council. Schleswig-Holstein contained. Reason: The Greens were against the welfare state reform, the CDU . Regrettably, this also finds Aminata Touré (29, Greens), Minister for Social Affairs, Youth, Family, Seniors, Integration and Equality in Schleswig-Holstein, and now criticized the Christian Democrats. © Frank Molter/dpa Aminata Touré (29, Greens) was outraged according to the bankruptcy bank.

The co -regulating Greens in Bremen are considering an end to the passenger flights from the airport in the Hanseatic city. You want to check whether the airport can be converted into a factory airport for Airbus and other companies in the aerospace industry. This emerges from the board design for the election program for the state election in May 2023. The program is to be adopted at a state party conference next Saturday (November 26th).

Ein Flugzeug steht nachts auf dem Rollfeld vom Flughafen Bremen. © Sina Schuldt/dpa An aircraft stands on the roller field from Bremen Airport at night.

Many passenger flights from Bremen are short -haul routes to Frankfurt, Stuttgart, Munich or Amsterdam, said head of state Florian Pfeffer on Thursday. They could be made superfluous through better rail connections. The question is also how much tax money the people in Bremen and Bremerhaven wanted to put in the deficit airport. The airport is used by the aircraft industry and as a model location in the development of climate -neutral air traffic.

The green election program focuses on energy transition and climate protection, sustainable use of the tight space, in the event of education and poverty control, said co-state spokeswoman Alexandra Werwarth. Almost 800 amendments were received from the membership. With about 20 questions, she expects debates and votes at the State General Assembly. In the smallest federal state, the state parliament, the Bremen citizenship, will be re -elected on May 14, 2023.

left and the Greens argue with SPD about deportations .
in the Berlin government coalition, left and the Greens argue with the SPD about deportations in winter. Interior Senator Iris Spranger (SPD) emphasized, because of the many war refugees from Ukraine, the accommodations should continue to be deported to refugees from Moldova. A total of 3,200 Moldovas are subject to departure, said Spranger on Monday in the interior committee. Of these, 600 Moldovanians should be deported this year. Moldova agreed to resume people.

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