US News: "It's weird this competition": former juror Elodie Frégé tackles the election Miss France

new election in Berlin: The way it can't stay now!

 new election in Berlin: The way it can't stay now! The clap is official: Berlin has to completely repeat its chaos election from last September at the state and district level . The State Constitutional Court decided on Wednesday. The verdict was expected because the constitutional judges had already leaned out of the window very far at the hearing at the end of September. © provided by Berliner Zeitung Nevertheless, one should make it clear that this is the preliminary end of a first -class embarrassment.

Membre du jury en 2014, l’ex-académicienne est revenue sur sa participation à l’élection du célèbre concours de beauté. © Genin Nicolas/Abaca Member of the jury in 2014, the former Academician returned to his participation in the election of the famous beauty pageant.

This Wednesday, November 23, Elodie Frégé was invited on the set of the Buzz TV, on the occasion of her participation in the mini-series The man of our lives broadcast Thursday evening on M6 and in which she gives the reply to Jonathan Zaccaï, Odile Vuillemin or Helena Noguerra. The one that was revealed in season 3 of Star Academy also took the opportunity to return to her participation as a member of the Miss France election jury in 2014, who had devoted Flora Coquerelle.

Frank Rosin leaves "The Taste" - he should be his successor!

 Frank Rosin leaves After ten years, Frank Rosin fell the last flap on " the Taste ". The cook was one of the constants of the program and rated the courts of the young cups year after year. But now it seems to be the time for the restaurateurs to break new ground. Frank Rosin reported to his fans in an official statement and explained: © Getty Images Sternkoch Frank Rosin will soon also save restaurants of German emigrants. "It will definitely be my last show.

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If the young woman " does not regret " to have been sworn, she admits: " but to be honest, it's always a little weird for me this competition. It is very strange in fact, to put women on a set and to say 'well, she is the most beautiful, she is the one who speaks best, she is the one who has the biggest eyes '… ”. A remark that challenged his hosts, knowing that Elodie was a member of the jury 8 years earlier, and the ex-academician explains: " yes, well, listen, I wanted to have fun That day. I was in a somewhat splendor period ... And then there was my friend Garou who was there too, and Sylvie Vartan. We had laughed a lot , "she said before concluding with a note of humor:" but at the time, I said to myself "anyway we cannot judge someone on the size of his feet! So it always seemed to me like a a little double-tranchant contest. To see what Alexia Laroche-Joubert will make it "

Concluded case: Unexpected attack on Sophie Davant, a seller rebels after a criticism on France 2

 Concluded case: Unexpected attack on Sophie Davant, a seller rebels after a criticism on France 2 provided by all TV this Sunday, November 20, 2022, France 2 proposed an unpublished number of Concluded presented by Sophie Davant . During this edition, buyer Anne-Catherine Verwaerde criticized the subject of Arthur , a buyer saying that he is dirty. She specifies that we do not even see the animals on the table, estimated at 1,800 euros. During a proposal at 2000 euros, the seller wants more and is ready to leave without selling his table. He has family goals and claims even more money.

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Indeed, since 2021 the latter became director general of Miss France and has established a certain number of developments in the rules of the competition. For her part, Cindy Fabre (Miss France 2006), who was at the post appointed director of the beauty competition, to succeed Sylvie Tellier.

Thierry Claude

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