US News: World Cup 2022: Qatar police trampled and prohibited a Brazilian flag with an LGBT

controlled alcohol, encouraged clothes, cuddly not recommended: everything you need to know before going to Qatar

 controlled alcohol, encouraged clothes, cuddly not recommended: everything you need to know before going to Qatar © Giuseppe Caccace The supporter guide to get to Qatar 128 pages. To read to know everything. Giuseppe Caccace / AFP If you have a little patience, the guide is 128 pages. It is freely accessible. For those who go to Qatar, reading is essential because it offers everything you need to know about this World Cup so strange and the practices that must be respected in Doha and the surrounding area.

symbol after the Argentine - Saudi Arabia, two Brazilian journalists had problems with Qatar police and stadium safety. FIFA has banned "One Love" armbands, and Qatari do not want to see flags from the LGBTQIA+community. And seeing the rainbow on the Pernambouc flag, a state of Brazil, they believed that it was an LGBT support. They then took the flag and trampled on it ...

  Coupe du Monde 2022 : la police du Qatar piétine et interdit un drapeau brésilien confondu avec un symbole LGBT © Gray

after FIFA which launched a ban on wearing "One Love" armbands against LGBTQIA+ discrimination (and has changed the Belgium jerseys), it is Qatar's police turn to be homophobia. At the same time, a small reminder, homosexuality is considered illegal in the country which welcomes the 2022 World Cup, it can even be punished by prison and torture.

"It can take enormous proportions": BFMTV journalists threatened in Qatar in a fan village (video)

 © BFM TV while they were reporting on the living conditions of supporters who came to Qatar for the Cup In the world, 2022, BFMTV journalists were threatened by an employee who wanted to make them erased images. The trip to Qatar does not take place as planned for certain supporters. While the 2022 World Cup started on November 20, many football fans from around the world came there to support their selections. For the event, the country has built "fan villages" in which tourists are housed.

While The Germans challenged FIFA and its censorship of the LGBTQIA+community, Brazilian journalists who cover the World Cup have dealt with the Qatar police, who took their flag for LGBT support. Victor Pereira and his colleague Kelvin Maciel left the stadium, after the match between Argentina and Saudi Arabia, and interviewed Brazilian volunteers when they were approached by police officers and security. They wore the flag of their state, Pernambouc, one of the federated states of Brazil. Problem: there is a rainbow on it, enough to worship homophobes!

"We were approached because of the Pernambuc flag, which has a rainbow and they thought it was the LGBT flag. They took my mobile phone and only returned it to me when I Erased the video I had "explained Victor Pereira in a series of videos posted on Twitter.

"They even took the flag", "threw him on the ground and trampled on"

the two media members specified: "They even took the flag of Pernambuc, threw him on the ground and the 'Have trampled on. When some people intervened and appeared the situation. The video in which I record what they did with the flag that I had to delete! Fortunately people were there and recorded it ".

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