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US News: shared suffering: Dog brothers comfort themselves in the animal shelter through "paws"

Camilla Parker Bowles: She will participate in a TV program that is close to her heart

 Camilla Parker Bowles: She will participate in a TV program that is close to her heart © Camilla Parker Bowles Great Animal Lovers, Camilla Parker Bowles will take part in the program "Paul O'Grady: For the Love of Dogs ”for an episode specially designed for the holiday season. This program will celebrate the 160th anniversary of the animal refuge Battesea Dogs & Cats Home de London.

Whoever watches fritos and ruffles in the animal shelter in Louisiana immediately realizes that the two puppies belong together. They always stay close together and when everything gets too wild around them, they take lovingly with the paws and watch the events in safe togetherness.

Hunde-Brüder landen gemeinsam im Tierheim – und trösten sich durch © Getty Images Hunde Brüder end up in the shelter-and comfort themselves through "pawns" fritos and ruffles give each other strength

as "", fritos and ruffles come from a larger throw and have eight other siblings . Originally, the whole group of the animal rescuers of "La Baby Mommas" was accommodated, where you take care of dogs with special needs. The exact background of these events are not known. But then, the animal rights activist Sarrah Walton says, it was noticed that Fritos and ruffles are quite fit and do not need separate care. The two puppies were able to move together to the less specialized "Human Society of Nwla", HSNWLA for short, in which Sarrah works.

"IdiS", "Dogs", "Labins": Kim Jong's sister one violently attacks South Korea

 © AFP Archives A military parade in Pyongyang (North Korea), in September 2021. Illustration photo. Kim Yo Jong, the sister of the North Korean leader Kim Jong Une, violently attacked Seoul, this Thursday, November 24, 2022. Reacting to potential new sanctions against her country, she notably considered that South Korea was a " " the United States.

inseparable and thus on the safe side

for the animal shelter the dog brothers quickly turned out to be real enrichment . They showed everyone what family cohesion means and comforted themselves when the mood was just in the basement again. Photos that were also published on Facebook show the two Traut united, they lovingly put their paws on top of each other. In humans, this gesture would definitely be translated as holding hands.

Sarrah Walton tells about Fritos and ruffles: "They snuggle closely when they rest." Whenever it gets a little hustle and bustle in the animal shelter - and that is naturally quite often the case - help the two of them to generally get confused. But otherwise fritos and ruffles are usually on the move together, would play together and take a break together.

Start in a happy dog ​​life?

Prohibition of bullfight: the deputy LFI Aymeric Caron removes his text and criticism "the obstruction"

 Prohibition of bullfight: the deputy LFI Aymeric Caron removes his text and criticism © Copyright 2022, the Obs while the bill for the abolition of corrida should be examined this Thursday 24 November As part of the parliamentary niche from Insoumise France, the deputy Aymeric Caron finally had to remove his text by denouncing a "obstruction". Abolition of corrida: Between Aymeric Caron and Simon Casas, the Taurine War is declared "I have to face the facts, we will not be able to abolish corrida today", regretted Aymeric Caron.

It will not take long, then fritos and ruffles will find a new home with their cute way. The two are just twelve weeks old, the entire dog life is still in front of them. And when choosing a family, Sarrah and her colleagues will definitely make sure that the brothers take the next step together.

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