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US News: “You are not alone”: Camille Boardy Common, the host hit hard by the domestic violence

In Iran, rape has become a weapon to stifle the mobilization against the

 In Iran, rape has become a weapon to stifle the mobilization against the © regime provided by MadmoiZelle A CNN investigation reveals the actions of the security forces with regard to the demonstrators, tortured and raped during their custody view or their detention in prison. Terifying testimonies of sexual violence to try to repress the mobilization since the death of Mahsa Amini.

“Vous n’êtes pas seules” : Camille Combal bouleversant, l'animateur touché de plein fouet par les violences conjugales © Shootpix/Abaca “You are not alone”: Camille Common Boardy, the hoard of High whip by domestic violence

Make millions of people laugh on television does not necessarily mean that we do not know how to be serious when necessary. Proof is with Camille Combal. Whoever made his weapons on TPMP alongside Cyril Hanouna before standing out on TF1. Indeed, the host, who recently revealed to be reached of a malformation whose diagnosis arrived late , spoke on Instagram this Friday, December 2. A message is not intended to make its many followers hilarious, quite the contrary.

The one who replaced Nikos Aliagas to the last NRJ Music Awards wanted to use his notoriety to raise awareness, and even those who do not follow him, against a scourge that touches more and more people over the years and Mostly women: domestic violence. Whether it is women or men, talking about the violence we are a victim is always difficult. This is why, many associations and other organizations try to offer "tools" to help people in need.

Afghanistan. Decided not to "capitulate", about fifteen women demonstrate in Kabul

 Afghanistan. Decided not to © AFP women demonstrated for their rights in Kabul, on November 24. A group of women demonstrated in Kabul for "their rights, until the end". A risky action since the Taliban resumed power in Afghanistan in August 2020. About fifteen Afghan women briefly demonstrated Thursday November 24 in Kabul to defend "their rights, to the end" , on the eve of the International day to combat violence against women, AFP journalists have noted.

Camille Combal wants to help

have just done the Women for Women International association, a non -profit humanitarian organization that provides material and moral support for women victims. As Camille Combal announced, this NGO has just given access to a portal to help people in need. "There is a new online resource portal for all people confronted with domestic violence" , said the host who will have his life aspect.

before explaining that there were "solutions to protect" women and their "children". "You are not alone" , he finally concluded. A gesture that can be greeted and that will probably help a lot. Hoping that, soon, no one needs it ...

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