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US News: Corinna Larsen, mistress of Juan Carlos: this “error” pointed out by the biographer of Queen Sofia

Elisabeth II: This detail about Meghan and Harry who worried him

 Elisabeth II: This detail about Meghan and Harry who worried him © PA Photos/Abaca in his book entitled "Elisabeth: An Intimate Portrait", the Royal Gyles Brandreth Expert makes many revelations about the Queen Élisabeth. An entire passage of the book is thus devoted to the love story between Meghan Markle and Prince Harry and what the queen of this union thought. Contrary to what one might think, the queen was delighted that Prince Harry found love, and just as happy to welcome Meghan Markle into the royal family.

Corinna Larsen has been pouring out a lot since the start of the broadcast of her podcast "Corinna and the King", revealing the details Less flattering of its connection with Juan Carlos of Spain. She also accuses Queen Sofia, his ex-wife, of having deliberately destroyed her image. In an interview at "point of view", dating from November 30, 2022, the biographer of Queen Sofia speaks on this issue.

Corinna Larsen fascinates the Spanish press: thanks to its podcast Corinna and the King, the general public learns it every day on its adulterous relationship with the King of Spain Juan Carlos , today in exile in Abu Dhabi. After having told the underside of their elephant hunt in Botswana in 2012 , then the marriage proposal of the one who was still married to Queen Sofia, mistress of Felipe VI 's father accused the queen of Having wanted to harm her and to have developed a move against her. accusations which constitute an error according to Pilar Eyre, biographer of Sofia of Spain. "Corinna Larsen makes a mistake by attributing to Doña Sofia as much power in the affairs of the country and in the functioning of the press," she tells the magazine point of view this Wednesday, November 30, 2022.

Königsgahn Camilla meets queens, princesses, First Ladys

 Königsgahn Camilla meets queens, princesses, First Ladys Königsgahn Camilla (75) on Tuesday gave a reception in the Buckingham Palace, in which female crowned heads and first ladies from all over the world also took part.

Corinna Larsen goes Too far, as Pilar Eyre supposes: "She has no influence on such a scale, no more than she tried to ruin the reputation of her husband's mistress". However, According to the words of Corinna Larsen, King Juan Carlos would have recruited a team of specialists to protect them from the assaults of the paparazzi, who would have ultimately introduced to her for to steal documents on the orders of The queen emeritus and send her in passing of death threats to scare her.

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The large real estate heritage of Corinna Larsen

Corinna Larsen is a businesswoman who has rather well succeeded in constituting her real estate heritage. In 2015, , six years after its rupture , she acquired the Domaine de Chyknell Hall, located in the county of Shropshire, near Birmingham, which would be worth 13 million euros today. In addition, in 2009, Corinna Larsen acquired an apartment in the very posh district of Belgravia in London . The value of this London pied-à-terre is estimated at 11 million euros. Finally, between 2014 and 2021, the former mistress of emeritus had taken up residence in the Principality of Monaco . The business woman resided in a luxurious duplex overlooking the bay . The apartment, rented 30,000 euros per month, consisted of three bedrooms with bathrooms, dressing room and an terrace. According to Vanitatis , the ghost of Juan Carlos was particularly present. Indeed, many photos decorated the furniture. In addition, the native of Francfort-sur-le-Main had many servants, including a cook.

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Moscow wanted the release of a Russian detained in Germany in exchange for Paul Whelan .
in parallel with the Griner-Bout exchange, the Russians claimed the liberation of a man sentenced for murder © Sofia Sandurskaya/AP/SIPA Paul Whelan, in 2020 in Moscow United States-in addition to the Griner-Bout exchange, the Russians claimed the release of a man sentenced to murder American negotiators understood "last week" that there was "No chance" to have Paul Whelan released at the same time as Brittney Griner.

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