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US News: Invoices: Creditreform: Payment standards of German companies deteriorate significantly

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 beverage industry: bad harvest, high energy prices: hop farmers and brewers fear operating slides The hop planters could hardly pass on their additional costs, and the brewers also have to be caution. This gradually brings the entire beer industry into a precarious location. © provided by Handelsblatt The plant suffers from climate change. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright = rising costs that cannot be passed on do brewers and hop planters into the tightness. A miserable harvest is added to the farmers, as industry representatives said in Munich on Monday.

in the construction industry, the payment morality is particularly bad. Due to increasing material prices and cancellations of orders, the delay in payment rose to 14 days on average.

Regional war die Zahlungsmoral in Nordrhein-Westfalen mit 12,3 Tagen Verzug am schlechtesten. Foto: dpa © provided by Handelsblatt Regional, the payment morality in North Rhine-Westphalia was the worst with 12.3 days. Photo: Dpadata portal copyright =

The payment behavior of German companies has deteriorated significantly in the summer quarter. Despite Corona, the companies had paid their bills reliably and relatively on time in the past two years, explained the Creditreform business (Business Output Authority on Monday. "Now we see that the overlapping crises have left deep traces of the companies," said Creditreform chef economist Patrik-Ludwig Hantzsch.

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"We assume that liquidity is successively consumed, especially among small and medium -sized companies." While the figures for bankruptcies, over -indebtedness and the labor market are still positive, the payment morality is becoming increasingly negative. The cross -sectoral delay was 10.5 days between July and September, after 9.4 days in the third quarter of 2021.

there are big differences across the sector. "In the construction industry, companies pay the worst by far." Their delay in payment increased by 0.4 days to 14 days. The construction currently suffers from delivery bottlenecks and therefore also from increasing material prices and cancellations of orders.

In the case of consumer goods (7.5 days) and in retail (7.7 days), invoices were paid with significantly less payment. At 9.4 days, the metal/electrical area was also better than the average - but the industry deteriorated by 1.4 days within a year.

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there is also a gap. In particular, the companies in Bavaria (8.9 days), Baden-Württemberg (9.2 days) and Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania (10 days) paid the fastest in the third quarter, according to Creditreform. The worst was the payment morale in North Rhine-Westphalia with 12.3 days of delay as well as in Berlin (11.7 days) and Schleswig-Holstein (11.2 days).

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Insolven: Creditreform expects more payment defaults in private households .
in the current year, the number of consumer solvents has decreased by almost a fifth. However, the Creditreform information agency speaks of a special effect. © provided by Handelsblatt unprecedented high energy costs burden private households, some of which have to fall back on savings. Photo: Imago/Illupics Data Portal Copyright = The number of consumer solvents in Germany has decreased significantly in the current year compared to 2021.

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