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US News: Russia: Vladimir Putin informed about incidents on two

Putin says that fighting in Ukraine could last

 Putin says that fighting in Ukraine could last (Reuters) - Russian President Vladimir Putin said for a long time that the Russian army could continue to fight in Ukraine for a long time, while adding that he did not see the need to mobilize additional troops for the moment. "Regarding the duration of the special military operation (...) Of course, this can be a long process," said Vladimir Putin, making © Thomson Reuters Russian President Vladimir Putin at a meeting (Reuters) - Russian president Vladimir Putin said on Wednesday that the Rus

air bases "The president regularly receives information, coming from the appropriate services, on everything that is happening," the spokesman Dmitri Peskov, from the Kremlin. View onononews

Archives : Dmitri Peskov, le porte-parole du Kremlin, le 23 décembre 2021 à Moscou © Natalia Kolesnikova/AFP Archives: Dmitri Peskov, the Kremlin spokesperson, on December 23, 2021 in Moscow

President Vladimir Putin was informed this Monday of incidents on two Russian forces air bases in the Regions of Saratov and Riazan in the center of Russia, said the Kremlin spokesperson.

"The President regularly receives information, coming from appropriate services, on everything that is happening," Dmitri Peskov told the press, without further details, adding that any subsequent questions should be sent to the Ministry of Defense.

Possible Putin fall: Where he flee in the event of a Russian defeat,

 Possible Putin fall: Where he flee in the event of a Russian defeat, Possible Putin Sturz: Where he would flee in the event of a Russian defeat, The Ukraine War would not run as planned for Russia. Wladimir Putin is said to already plan the escape from his own country. Moscow - Hardly any progress on the front, losses on the battlefield and now even attacks on airfields in their own country: Russia continues to head for a disaster in the Ukraine War. This should not have escaped the government around President Vladimir Putin.

According to several Russian media, two air bases, one of which is intended for strategic aviation used according to Kyiv to carry out strikes against Ukraine, were shaken by explosions.

Speculations on Russian social networks suggest that Ukraine could be behind these explosions, even if the two sites are hundreds of kilometers from the Ukrainian border.

Kyiv did not claim any of the explosions.

According to Russian public press agencies Tass and Ria Novosti, citing managers of the rescue services, three people were killed following the explosion of a tanker truck on an air base near Riazan.

Five other people were injured, according to Tass. None of the agencies, however, specified the cause of the explosion.

Separately, the governor of the Saratov region, Roman Boussarguine, announced that the authorities were checking information on a morning explosion in the city of ENGUELS, where an air base of strategic bombers is located.

Putin drunk? Here, the Russian president slams and stumbles in a speech

 Putin drunk? Here, the Russian president slams and stumbles in a speech Nanu, a drunk Russian president? A rather unusual picture must have offered himself invited guests in the Moscow Kremlin these days. Russian dictator Putin can be seen on a video and seems to be quite tipsy. He holds a champagne glass in his hand and rushes against the Russian war against Ukraine.

No civil infrastructure has been affected, he assured on Telegram.

New Russian strikes in Ukraine

This Kremlin declaration comes when Ukraine was undergoing this deadly russian missiles on Monday, causing new power and water cuts in a country already in energy crisis, Moscow having made These infrastructures its priority target in the middle of winter.

In the afternoon, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky said the Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense had "shot down" most Russian missiles.

Russian President Vladimir Putin displayed him on television behind the wheel of a car to cross the Crimean bridge, a key infrastructure that connects Russia to this Ukrainian peninsula annexed in 2014 by Moscow. An explosion that the Kremlin attributed to Ukraine had seriously damaged it in October.

Reports on New Year's Eve hide - flu wave in the Kremlin threatens to force Putin into the bunker .
in the Kremlin, a heavy flu wave has broken out. There is speculation that Wladimir Putin will hide until the new year - possibly also in a bunker. The Russian president is known to always worry about his health. © Photo: Getty President Putin visits a hospital in Moscow. Photo: Getty In the past few days, the Russian President has canceled both his traditional annual press conference and his annual speech to the Russian Federation Assembly.

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