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US News: United States: Second round of a key senatorial for Joe Biden in Georgia

Ukraine Current: More than 10,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers

 Ukraine Current: More than 10,000 dead Ukrainian soldiers War demands many victims. Kyiv announces a provisionally official number. US President Biden submits a offer of conversation. The World Bank chief Malpass expects significantly higher reconstruction costs. An overview.

Une pancarte encourage les électeurs à se rendre aux urnes, à Atlanta, le 5 décembre 2022. © Cheney Orr, Reuters A sign encourages voters to go to the ballot box, in Atlanta, December 5, 2022.

Georgia voters Return to the polls Tuesday for the second round of the senatorial between Republican Herschel Walker and Outgoing Democrat Raphael Warnock. For President Joe Biden, who already has a short majority in the Senate, an additional seat would be more comfortable.

A pastor against a former star of American football: residents of the state of Georgia are called Tuesday, December 6, to decide between two candidates in the United States, in a ballot heavy with consequences for the continuation of the mandate of Joe Biden.

Russia refuses to negotiate with Biden for conditioning the dialogue to the Russian withdrawal of Ukraine

 Russia refuses to negotiate with Biden for conditioning the dialogue to the Russian withdrawal of Ukraine supplied by News 360 El Portavoz del Kremlin in the paintings of Dimitri Peskov - - / Xinhua News / Contactophoto The spokesperson From Kremlin, Dmitri Peskov, confirmed on Friday that Russia will not negotiate with American president Joe Biden if he continues to link dialogue to the withdrawal of Russia from Ukraine.

The outgoing senator, Democrat Raphael Warnock, is opposed to a foal from Donald Trump, sportsman Herschel Walker. This is the last act of the legislative elections of mid-term , a second round having been organized in this state to decide between the two candidates.

The ballot promises to be tight. The rare surveys show candidates for the elbow and the final results may not be known for several days.

This election is "really essential," argued the American president Joe Biden on Monday, calling for the voters of Georgia to go to the polling stations, who open at 7 am local. On this siege does not depend certainly the balance of powers at the American Congress: the Democrats have already ensured to keep control of the Senate after "midterms". The Republicans have taken over the room.

Biden gives Europeans hope

 Biden gives Europeans hope Berlin/Brussels. How the EU reacts to the signals that France's president received on his state visit to the United States. Can a transatlantic trade war still be averted? Emmanuel Macron and Joe Biden encounter the French-American partnership in the state banquet. cheerfully and poor in arm presented US President Joe Biden and France's President Emmanuel Macron on the emphasized cordially staged state visit of the European in Washington.

But this ballot, in this southern state to the strong African-American population, is nonetheless decisive for the rest of the mandate of Joe Biden. The Republicans see in this siege in the Senate the opportunity to accentuate their power to block the policies of the Democratic leader. 700 days from the next presidential election, the opposition also hopes to break the dynamics of Joe Biden, who came out much better than expected during the legislative elections in November.

400 million dollars

on the democratic side, a victory would confirm the very thin majority of Joe Biden's party in the Senate, allowing him to exert a greater influence in essential parliamentary commissions. It would also significantly limit the influence of a moderate democratic senator, the gravedigger of several major sites of the Biden administration.

To materialize their ambitions, the Democrats called their heavyweights at the rescue: former President Barack Obama, undoubtedly one of the most charismatic figures in the party, was campaigning in Atlanta last week.

Sign of importance and interest in this duel: nearly $ 400 million have been injected into the ballot, the most expensive in mid-term elections.

Some 1.9 million people, out of the seven million registered, have already voted early. If these bulletins point to greater democratic mobilization, the Republicans should rather vote on Tuesday. Difficult therefore to predict the outcome of this race.

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Mitch McConnell makes Trump responsible for the defeat of the Republicans in the senatorial elections .
supplied by News 360 Mitch McConnell, chief of the Republican minority of the Senate - Michael Brochstein / Zuma Press Wi / DPA The leader of the Republican Minority of the Senate of the Senate of Senate American, Mitch McConnell, attributed Tuesday to the power of former president Donald Trump in the republican primaries the problems of "quality of the candidates" with whom his party was struggling in the mid-term legislative elections.

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