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US News: Armenia welcomes the proposal for a peace treaty Azéri

Uber Files: La France Insoumise launches a commission of inquiry by exercising its "right of draw"

 Uber Files: La France Insoumise launches a commission of inquiry by exercising its © Bertrand Guay / AFP Danielle Simmonet, who will chair the commission of inquiry on "Uber files", July 12, 2022 , in the National Assembly, in Paris. The rebellious deputies announced, Tuesday, November 29, 2022, to exercise their annual "drawing right" in order to obtain the creation of a commission of inquiry into the "Uber files".

Archives - Des militaires azerbaïdjanais à Lachin, dans le Haut-Karabakh. - MINISTERIO DE DEFENSA DE AZERBAIYÁN provided by News 360 Archives - Azerbaijani soldiers in Lachin, Haut -Karabakh. - Ministerio de Defensa de Azerbaiyán

The Armenian authorities received a proposal from the Azerbaijan government on a project of peace agreement between the parties within the framework of the third phase of the negotiation process.

Eduard Aghajanyan, president of the Armenian Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, said the Armenian party "received Azerbaijani proposals, which are essentially a response to those submitted previously by Armenia".

"This means that we can say that we are already in the third series of proposals, which are currently discussed," he said, according to the Armenpress news agency.

Mr. Robles warns that the explosive letters will not change the "firm and clear" commitment from Spain to Ukraine.

 Mr. Robles warns that the explosive letters will not change the © provided by News 360 Defense Minister Margarita Robles, on an official visit to Odessa (Ukraine) - Ministerio de Defensa The Minister of Defense, Margarita Robles, warned Thursday that nor the sending of explosive letters Nor any other violent activity will change the "firm and clear" commitment of Spain to support Ukraine in its defense against the Russian military offensive. The trip of Mr.

Asked about the possibility that the foreign ministers of the two countries meet before the end of the year, the deputy replied that this possibility exists. "We cannot exclude it," he said.

Monday, Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar urged Armenia to "answer calls" launched by Ankara and Bakou to establish peace. During a visit to the capital Azérie, the minister met President Ilham Aliyev, with whom he discussed the importance of maintaining contacts at the highest level and continuing to fight for "a fair cause".

Akar insisted that Armenia "must understand the situation and do everything necessary in the face of the peace proposal presented by Turkey and Azerbaijan". "The whole world, in particular Armenia, must see the importance that this takes on for the region," he said, according to Daily Sabah.

Ukraine -Ticker -Gouveneur - Drone meets oil tank at the Russian airfield

 Ukraine -Ticker -Gouveneur - Drone meets oil tank at the Russian airfield 06. Dec (Reuters) - Developments around the war follow in Ukraine. In some cases, information cannot be checked independently. 05.50 a.m. - According to official information, an oil tank has caught fire on an airfield in the Russian region of Kursk. "There were no injuries. The fire is locally limited. All emergency services work on site," writes the governor of the region, Roman Starowoit, on Telegram. Reuters could not immediately check the reports independently.

For his part, Aliyev said that Mr. Akar and his delegation had contributed to the development of friendly relations and recognized a strengthening of the links between the parties.

The two men supervised the start of a series of joint exercises near the Iranian border while tensions increase in the region. The situation worsened following the open war between Armenia and Azerbaijan two years ago.

Azerbaijan then relied on Israeli armaments and Turkish drones and took control of part of the territory in the disputed area of ​​Haut-Karabakh. The fighting lasted less than two months but left thousands of deaths among the soldiers until they ended in November 2020, when the parties signed a cease-fire.

Since then, clashes have taken place in the border areas and the two countries have accused each other of raping the truce.

just no trouble at the gas: despite the EU raid on the Qatar Deal Fest .
© Michael Kappeler/DPA Minister of Economic Affairs Robert Habeck and Qatar Energy Minister Saad Sherida Al-Kaabi, Energy partnership with Qatar Just does not keep any trouble: Greens keep the green Despite the EU raid on the Qatar Deal Fest politicians, the Qatar deal had questioned after the EU corruption scandal. The Greens plead, to keep them apart. Brussels-After the corruption scandal in the EU Parliament, demands have become loud to rethink business relationships with Qatar.

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