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US News: Peru: President Pedro Castillo dismissed for "moral inability" and arrested

Iran: Call for new nationwide protests and strikes

 Iran: Call for new nationwide protests and strikes activists in Iran have called for new nationwide protests and strikes . The so-called 14-15-16 protests-the figures are the date in the Persian calendar month of Azar-should last from Monday to Wednesday and the Islamic system in particular should hit economically. Therefore, the Iranian citizens were also called on to avoid purchases on these three days in order to prevent any money circulation in the Iranian banking system.

  Pérou : le président Pedro Castillo destitué pour «incapacité morale» et arrêté © FOTOHOLICA Press/Getty Images

President still 24 hours ago, Peruvian Pedro Castillo woke up Thursday morning in detention, in a base Police special forces in Lima. The day before, he was dismissed for "permanent moral incapacity" and arrested at the end of a crazy day which saw his former vice-president, Dina Boluarte , to be invested at the head of the country.

Previously, the now ex-head of state had tried to save his head by announcing the dissolution of the Parliament which was to look at a third dismissal procedure. A maneuver immediately qualified as "coup d'etat" by a very large majority of political leaders and who therefore sealed the fate of Pedro Castillo. According to the police, after the failure of his attempted dissolution, he intended to take refuge in the Embassy of Mexico and to ask for asylum. But he was arrested before.

Pedro Castillo is transferred to the prison where former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori is detained.

 Pedro Castillo is transferred to the prison where former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori is detained. © supplied by News 360 The former Peruvian President Pedro Castillo - Presidencia de Perú The former President of Peru, Pedro Castillo, was transferred this evening to Barbadillo prison, in Ate, after the public prosecutor open a procedure against him for rebellion and conspiracy. After being retained for several hours at the headquarters of the prefecture in Lima, the ex-president left prison accompanied by a major police device. Mr.

It is therefore the vice-president, Dina Boluarte, who occupies the presidential chair. This 60-year-old woman was sworn in on Wednesday afternoon, demanding "a political truce to install a government of national unity".

quoted in six investigations for corruption

almost unknown before his election in July 2021, Pedro Castillo had created the surprise by winning a very disputed election against Keiko Fujimori , representative of the populist right. Castillo had been able to create a certain hope by presenting himself as the candidate of the people. He came from a rural environment and a campaign teacher.

But his mandate quickly took a bad turn. In question, a recurrent government instability (81 ministers in sixteen months) and the vagueness of its program. In July, he had even been excluded from Peru free, his party of origin of Marxist-Leninist trend. The progressive left had chosen to leave his government in January.

Peru: Discontent swells, the new president is preparing to announce her government

 Peru: Discontent swells, the new president is preparing to announce her government © Ernesto Benavides, AFP of supporters of Pedro Castillo demonstrated in Lima after her arrest on December 9, 2022. While many demonstrations broke out Since Thursday in Peru claiming the release of former President Pedro Castillo after his failed coup attempt, the new president Dina Boluarte has to announce her government on Saturday.

Pedro Castillo's mandate has also been marked by numerous corruption scandals. He himself is cited in six investigations. He is notably suspected of being at the head of a corruption network with money laundering and granting public contracts for the benefit of relatives.

Faithful almost until the end of Pedro Castillo

It is now up to Dina Boluarte to form a government and bring back a little stability. Originally from Apurimac in the Andes, this socialist was hitherto vice-president and minister of development and social inclusion. She was one of the few to have been in post so long and faithful almost to the end of Pedro Castillo.

The new president declared, in her inauguration speech, to fight against corruption his priority, without forgetting her fight in favor "of the invisible, of the excluded".

Peru: Beginning of the evacuations of tourists blocked at Machu Picchu .
since the dismissal and arrest of President Pedro Castillo on December 7, at least 19 people were killed in © Martin Bernetti demonstrations evacuated around the Machu Picchu, December 17, 2022.

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