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US News: Hessen: The long shadow of Roland Koch

10,000 euros more: Officials collect new juicy surcharges

 10,000 euros more: Officials collect new juicy surcharges Great surprise for all officials in Germany, because they get more money. © Christian Ader/Istock Bundestag Many civil servants with children in Germany are currently looking forward to an lavish additional payment .

Deutschland ist auf Einwanderung von Fachkräften aus dem Ausland dringend angewiesen. Foto: dpa © Patrick Pleul/ZB/dpa Germany is urgently dependent on immigration from abroad. Photo: dpa Hessen: The long shadow of Roland Koch

The Hessian state parliament discusses migration and double citizenship. SPD and Greens are reminiscent of the populist campaigns by the former Prime Minister Roland Koch.

The Hessian state parliament debated on Thursday, but objectively about immigration and citizenship law. Although the legislative competence in this area is at the Bundestag, the SPD and Left Party had put the topic on the agenda. SPD, the Greens and FDP in Berlin had announced that it would enable naturalization after just five instead of eight and generally accept that people retain their previous passport.

New study shows: Hypertension has an impact on personality

 New study shows: Hypertension has an impact on personality New study shows: Hypertension has influence on personality high blood pressure can not only increase the risk of stroke and heart attack: According to the results of a current study, suffering also influences our personality. In Germany, around 20 to 30 million citizens-and thus every third adult-suffer from high blood pressure, according to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI). The suffering, similar to other classic diseases, for example diabetes, remains unnoticed for a long time.

Because the CDU has not touched the topic for years, there was a "years of reform backlog", said Günter Rudolph, leader of the SPD parliamentary group. At the end of the 1990s, the Hessian CDU drove a "rather bad campaign" against double citizenship, this "mood machy" has an effect, said Rudolph, who also got applause from the ranks of the Greens ruling with the CDU. The Hessian economy depends on the immigration of skilled workers, especially the "guest workers: inside" of the 1960s and 1970s, it must be made easier to get a German passport, said Rudolph.

Hessen: Criticism of a long processing time in the regional council of Darmstadt

Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) accused Rudolph to change the fact that naturalization applications at the regional council (RP) Darmstadt would only be processed after twelve months. That is "unacceptable". Mathias Wagner, leader of the Greens faction, said that there would be a amendment to the double budget 2023/2024, which will provide ten additional positions for the corresponding department in the RP Darmstadt. Otherwise, Wagner was happy that the time of emotional migration debates was over and that the "very unsuccessful campaign by Roland Koch" belongs to the past.

RS virus: Frankfurter children's clinics beat alarm

 RS virus: Frankfurter children's clinics beat alarm "Bound of treatment capacities" RS virus: Frankfurt children's clinics beat alarm © t-Online RSV wave in Germany: More and more children develop the RS virus, which is highly contagious - in Frankfurt too. Clinics are already warning of bed emergency.

Since 22 million people in Germany have a so -called migration background and the country needs immigration, the debates would have to be led more objectively, Wagner demanded. It was right to lower the hurdles for naturalization. However, it is not about "random German citizenship".

Hessen: Interior Minister Beuth sees no reason for reforms

The left-wing MP Saadet Sönmez criticized that parts of the CDU had been claimed that the German passport should be "shared" in the future. Such "unfounded objections" fueled prejudices and are a reason why people decided against becoming Germans. In Germany there is no "leading culture", but the Basic Law, argued Sönmez. Anyone who pays attention to the constitution and the law is "actually integrated" and "already citizens". Therefore, it must also be made possible to obtain all rights such as the right to vote in Germany.

Interior Minister Peter Beuth defended himself against the accusation that the conditions in the naturalization center in the RP Darmstadt did not improve. The most recent work was paid to the payment of Corona aids. "It had to be prioritized," said Beuth. Otherwise, it is not the case that naturalization of foreigners: so far, is impossible. Immigration law for specialists in Germany is "one of the most liberal in the world". The previous legal situation "has so far proven itself," said the minister. Large reforms are not necessary. (Hanning Voigts)

USA: Republicans tip corona vaccination with the armed forces .
The incidence is stable, new vaccines for toddlers have just been approved-however, the US Army will no longer be vaccinated: the Republicans were able to obtain this by a budget dispute. © TED S. Warren/ AP for US President Joe Biden it was a security measure, until the end he had argued. But now the US Congress has tipped the Corona vaccination with the country's armed forces.

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