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US News: Deportation: Boris Becker threatens no punishment in Germany

"Then there is nothing left": Putin propagandist threatens in the state TV with bombing Berlin

 © Twitter/Screenshot/@Gerashchenko_en The Russian propagandist Vladimir Solowjow threatens Germany on state television. "Then there is nothing left": Putin propagandist threatens in the state TV with bombing Berlin in the Ukraine War and again and again propagandists of the Kremlin. Now the state TV was threatened with a bombing of Berlin. Munich-In the background of the Ukraine War, Russian state media are repeatedly used for crude propaganda and threats.

ex-tennis star Boris Becker, in the event of a deportation from British detention to Germany, there is no further punishment. "You cannot be pursued several times for the same offense or crime," said lawyer Natalie von Wistinghausen of the German Press Agency. "Behind it is the legal principle" NE to Idem ", that is, the ban on double punishment." The lawyer Gül Pinar, member of the Committee of Criminal Law of the German Lawyers' Association (DAV), also emphasized: "He arrives as a free person."

Boris Becker, ehemaliger Tennis-Profi, trifft zu seinem Strafprozess am Southwark Crown Court ein. © Alberto Pezzali/AP/dpa/Archive Boris Becker, former tennis professional, arrives at the Southwark Crown Court for his criminal trial.

according to British media reports, Becker's release and immediate deportation is imminent. "He is brought directly to the airport by the police," said Pinar. Usually, deportation would go out with line flights and land in Germany in Frankfurt am Main. However, it is also possible that Becker leaves the country with a private jet in which he has lived for around ten years. The British newspaper “Daily Mail” suggested this variant. She wants to find out from a source that Becker is paid a private flight to Germany.

Job search is hurdle for specialists abroad

 Job search is hurdle for specialists abroad The OECD asked: Who are the people who want to come to Germany for professional reasons? And: with the most difficulties? © Bernd von Jutrczenka/dpa/picture Alliance IT specialist in Nairobi (2020) specialists living abroad would like more support in finding a job in Germany. In a non -representative survey of almost 30,000 people who want to come to the Federal Republic for professional reasons, almost four out of five participants named this as the greatest hurdle.

The triple Wimbledon winner was sentenced to two and a half years in prison at the end of April. He had concealed his bankruptcy administrators in the millions. According to British law, Becker actually has to serve at least half of the punishment before being released on probation. That would be the case at the end of July 2023. However, since the 55-year-old is not a British citizen, he could benefit from a quick procedure with which foreign prisoners are to be deported faster to relieve the pressure on the overcrowded British prisons.

After his deportation, Becker is likely to not enter Great Britain for a long time, even though his partner lives there. According to the “Mirror” newspaper, the entry ban applies at least as long as its actual punishment would have granted, i.e. by the end of October 2024. Lawyer Pinar said that the period was normally longer and was at least five years. So far,

Afghanistan: 27 people whipped in public, the day after a first execution

 Afghanistan: 27 people whipped in public, the day after a first execution © - members of the Taliban security forces in a stadium before the flogging of 27 people, December 8, 2022 in Charikar, in the province of Bywan, in Afghanistan twenty-seven people were whipped in front of the crowd Thursday in Afghanistan, the day after the first public execution ordered since the return to power of the Taliban regime which called "interference" international criticism.

has also been open whether Becker has to adhere to certain probation requirements. As a rule, it is usually stipulated that a change of residence at the authorities must be reported, Pinar said. But Becker could benefit Brexit here. Since the British exit of the EU, any probation requirements could no longer be monitored on the basis of EU law in Germany, the Federal Ministry of Justice announced on request. "An isolated enforcement of probation requirements does not provide for other legal bases," it said.

might apply that, according to the law on international legal assistance in criminal matters (IRG), the responsibility of German authorities will result from the place of residence of the convict. For example, if Becker stays in his birthplace, where his mother Elvira lives, the judiciary of Baden-Württemberg would be responsible. However, no comparable case is known "in which a deportation to Germany was accompanied by monitoring conditions," it said from the ministry.

The LNG from Wilhelmshaven can flow .
with the participation of Chancellor Scholz and other political prominence, the first German liquefied dose of the North Sea has been opened in the port of the North Sea city. It should cover almost six percent of the gas requirement annually. © Michael Sohn/Reuters Certainly held and dressed Chancellor Scholz and Finance Minister Lindner in Wilhelmshaven.

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