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US News: Carpooling: The driver is mistaken, the passenger deposited 180 km from her house

Giant anti -tank rifle, pomegranate at the police station, thief police ... The amazing weapon collection of the Ministry of the Interior

 Giant anti -tank rifle, pomegranate at the police station, thief police ... The amazing weapon collection of the Ministry of the Interior © Nicolas Liponne The result of a collection of arms in Lyon, November 29. The French are armed, a lot. The idea is counter-intuitive, especially since we regularly like to make fun of our American allies , these cowboys. But if we believe the figures of the Interior Ministry, two million rifles and other pistols would circulate in the country without being declared. For the most part, these are weapons inherited from a loved one or dedicated to hunting.

La jeune femme a mis finalement plus de 30 heures pour arriver chez elle. © ricochet64 / The young woman finally took more than 30 hours to arrive at her house.

A journey that will remain in the memories. Juliet, 22 -year -old student in Annecy, intended to go home for Christmas Eve. SNCF strike obliges, the young woman took an carpooling to rally Thénac (Charente-Maritime), where her family was waiting for her for Christmas. Except that, as she tells France Bleu , the journey did not go as planned.

It all starts in the rules. The car driver is noted 4.9 out of 5 by users of the carpooling platform. The Annecy-Thénac trip costs 90 euros to the passenger, and must last more than 7:30 am.

Discovery in Israel of a 2,000 -year -old funeral cave, designated as the "Salomé cave"

 Discovery in Israel of a 2,000 -year -old funeral cave, designated as the © The Authority of Antiquities of Israel The entrance to the Salomé cave, in Israel an old family tomb 2,000 years old was discovered during an archaeological excavation in the Cave of Salomé, in the forest of Lachish, in Israel. A funeral cave of the second temple period, 2,000 years old, designated as the Salomé cave - one of the most impressive discoveries in Israel - was uncovered in the Lachish forest.

"I really did not feel safe"

however, Juliette quickly disillusioned by embarking on the car. The driver gets lost several times, is flashed for speeding and goes so far as to insult the other passengers who ask her to make a detour by Libourne. Juliette is not very reassured. “ I really didn't feel safe. Especially that one of the passengers at the back was completely drunk, he was really bizarre, speaking very hard, as if he were drug addicts , "she tells France Bleu.

The night falls gradually: Juliette's grandparents have been waiting for their little girl for almost two hours, in Thénac, in Charente-Maritime. While the driver tells Juliet that she goes to a Buddhist retirement, the student is taken with a doubt. Checking the vehicle's journey, Juliette understands that the driver heads well to Thénac ... but in Dordogne 180 km from her destination! " I saw that we were a little below Bergerac, so I told her that she was wrong. She looked at us, me and the other passenger, and she told us that whatever her error, she went to this Thénac, period, too bad for us ", says the passenger.

SNCF strike: What alternatives if your train is canceled?

 SNCF strike: What alternatives if your train is canceled? © Justine Bonnery / Hans Lucas / Hans Lucas via AFP to two days of Christmas Eve, the situation in stations does not improve. On Wednesday, the management of the SNCF indicates that two in five TGVs will be deleted during the Christmas weekend due to the controllers' strike. This Thursday morning, there is still time to find an alternative to join his family.

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Juliette then asks to get off the vehicle and finds herself on a roadside, dropped in the countryside. The taxi she calls to come and get it two hours to arrive. The 'Student is forced to sleep in a hotel in Bergerac to finally return by train the next day, in the middle of SNCF strike. The young woman arrives at her house at 3:00 pm on December 24, for a total trip of almost 32 hours. The Christmas adventure: 240 euros. What to exasperate the student, who asks the driver to reimburse her, which the latter refuses. Contacted by Juliet on Twitter, the carpooling site replied that he was going to take "

necessary measures

"... Tuesday evening December 27, she did not always Rs nothing received.

Issy-les-Moulineaux: The pilot of a scooter dies crushed by a bus .
© Olivier Bureau Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine), this Wednesday, December 28, 2022. The victim went under the Bus while the vehicle left a stop. LP/Oliver Bureau The victim would have been 36 years this Wednesday. The unfortunate man died in an accident involving a bus, in Issy-les-Moulineaux (Hauts-de-Seine), on the night of this Tuesday to this Wednesday, around midnight. The 30 -year -old piloted an scooter when he hit a bus, in circumstances that are not yet precisely established.

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