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US News: Ministerial meeting of Turkey and Syria in Moscow: Talks for stabilizing the situation in Syria

65 Travel, but hardly any income: Austria exposes alleged Putin spy

 65 Travel, but hardly any income: Austria exposes alleged Putin spy 65 trips, but hardly any income: Austria exposed alleged Putin spy in Austria, a 39-year-old is suspected as an axle of the Russian secret service. He is said to have even received a special military training. Vienna - Russia has never stopped spy after the end of the Cold War. According to German security authorities, around 200 operating spies from Russia are known, but experts assume a significantly higher number.

in Moscow are said to have arisen from the defense ministers of Turkey and Syria between the two countries. The negotiations are to be continued.

Der türkische Verteidigungsminister Hulusi Akar während einer Konferenz am 24. Dezember 2022. © Photo: Turkish Defense Ministry The Turkish Defense Minister Hulusi Akar during a conference on December 24, 2022.

After years of the diplomatic ice age between Turkey and Syria, the Defense Minister of both countries met in Moscow. The Russian Defense Minister Sergei Schoigu and the secret service chiefs of all three countries also took part in the talks, the Ministry of Defense in Ankara announced on Wednesday.

, according to the Turkish and Russian Ministry of Defense, discussed ways for a solution in the civil war country of Syria during the trilateral negotiations. It was also about the topic of refugees and the joint efforts in the fight against extremist groups. The participants had highlighted the constructive character of the dialogue and wanted to continue the discussions for stabilizing the situation in Syria and in the region as a whole.

War in Ukraine: the Russian government divided on the launch of a large offensive in winter

 War in Ukraine: the Russian government divided on the launch of a large offensive in winter © Bulent Kilic A Ukrainian soldier shoots Russian positions outside Bakhmut, November 8, 2022. Bulent kilic/AFP Does Russian unity crack? Russian leaders are divided on the launch of a large winter offensive in Ukraine, on Tuesday reveals a senior American official. "I think we are in the presence of diverging points of view," said the American official under the guise of anonymity, speaking of current deliberations within the Russian government.

Russia supports President Bashar al-Assad in the Syrian Civil War, but Turkey is on the side of rebels. Under the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, Turkey had given up diplomatic relationships with Damascus, but finally expressed the will for the extension. Almost two weeks ago, Erdogan also brought a meeting with Al-Assad, which he had described as a "murderer" in the past.

After more than eleven years of civil war in Syria, Assad's government troops again control around two thirds of the country. In addition to Russia, the ruler is also supported by Iran.

Turkey holds areas in northern Syria. It is currently doing an air offensive in areas controlled by the Syrian Kurdish militia YPG. (dpa)

"The brush is lying again": Putin canceled at short notice - the reason excavations .
© Imago/Mikhail Klimentyev/Kremlin Pool/Zuma Wire General SVR Wladimir Putin escape plans War Loss "The brush lies again": Putin says at short notice Travel off - the reason excavations Vladimir Putin remains at home - despite a large -scale trip to the border region. The reason for the Kremlin provokes questions. Moscow/Munich-Wladimir Putin had made himself rare for a long time and managed his official business almost exclusively from the Kremlin-fear of a (corona) infection was said to be.

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