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US News: former Hessian Minister of Culture Holzapfel died

Puttrich no longer runs: "Another member of the black and green coalition has decided to run for the state parliament at the election in 2023. "Over time, I was able to gain a lot of experience, shape a lot and believe that the time has come to give new

 Puttrich no longer runs: © Arne Dedert/dpa/Archive picture can be seen Lucia Puttrich (CDU), European Minister of European Hessery. before Puttrich, Interior Minister Peter Beuth (CDU) as well as Environment Minister Priska Hinz and Minister of Social Affairs Kai Klose (both Greens) had already announced that it would no longer be part of parliament after the state election in autumn.

The former Hessian Minister of Culture Hartmut Holzapfel is dead. As the SPD parliamentary group announced on Wednesday, the long-time SPD member of the Landtag died on December 21 at the age of 78. The chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, Günter Rudolph, praised Holzapfel as a profiled educational politician who had emphasized the modernization of the Hessian school system: "Education and education policy were the lives of Hartmut Holzapfel."

Der frühere hessische Kultusminister Hartmut Holzapfel (SPD) bei einer Pressekonferenz in Wiesbaden im Juli 1997. © Fabian Matzerath/dpa/archive image The former Hessian Minister of Culture Hartmut Holzapfel (SPD) at a press conference in Wiesbaden in July 1997.

Holzapfel has been a member of the Hessian state parliament since 1974. For 13 years he was spokesman for the SPD parliamentary group. From 1991 to 1999 he was the country's cultural minister. According to his party, Holzapfel stood for a modern school landscape with more autonomy, more equal opportunities and more educational justice. As a politician, he had convinced with clear arguments, but also did not shy away from the sharp argument. According to the SPD, he was also a "committed Donalist who increased and spread the knowledge of Donald Duck and his cosmos of Entenhausen".

After leaving the state parliament in 2008, he promoted the cultural exchange with the Hessian partner regions. He was the initiator and long -time chairman of the Hessian Literature Council, who confirmed the death message on Wednesday, citing his wife. "The SPD parliamentary group in the Hessian state parliament mourns the loss of the passionate parliamentarian Hartmut Holzapfel," said Rudolph. "His lifelong commitment to better educational opportunities has driven him and his political work and made it unmistakable."

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