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US News: Germany as a "fourth empire" - The mad Plemplem forecasts by Putin's speaker Medledew

Putin's biggest problem: "20,000 armed"

 Putin's biggest problem: Putin's biggest problem: "20,000 armed" in the Kremlin are already positioning Putin's possible successors, they are his supposed allies. The president probably only helps a victory in the brutal war with Ukraine. Moscow - Vladimir Putin is considered the master of the intrigue. In his surroundings he always places well -behaved upstarts of the Russian state apparatus. Examples of this are Jewgeni Prigoschin and Ramsan Kadyrov. However, you could now be dangerous Putin.

on Twitter publishes the former Russian President Dmitri Medwedew Bizarre forecast for 2023. A civil war in the USA and a "fourth empire" in Europe . Medvedev was long considered a liberal reasoning politician. What happened?

Ex-Präsident und Putin-Vertrauter Dmitri Medwedew. Peer Grimm/dpa © Peer Grimm/dpa Ex-President and Putin confidant Dmitri Medvedev. Peer Grimm/dpa

Dmitri Medledew, Vice -President of the Russian Security Council, was once considered a liberal reformer. During his term as Russian President from 2008 to 2012, Medvedev led a relaxed relationship with the West and had the U.S. President Barack Obama filmed with a casual visit to a fast food chain.

But the supposedly liberal politician has now become a nationalist agitation who wants the Soviet Union back. "All peoples who once lived in the large and powerful USSR will be together again in friendship," he wrote on Vontakte , the Russian counterpart to Facebook. The post was later deleted that Hacker allegedly wrote the text.

Putin-Video makes the network laugh: "When nature calls"

 Putin-Video makes the network laugh: © Twitter @Kevinrothrock Alexander Lukaschenko and Wladimir Putin in Minsk. Putin-Video makes network laughed: "When nature calls" during the Vladimir Putin visits in Minsk, a short moment caused amusement afterwards. Lukaschko and Putin were satisfied after the meeting. Minsk - On Monday, the Belarusian ruler Alexander Lukaschenko and Russia's President Vladimir Putin in Minsk came together to talk about Belarus' role in the Ukraine War.

Medledews Wilde forecasts for 2023: Elon Musk is now becoming President

on Twitter Medvedev his bizarre forecasts for the coming year. In an ten-part thread , the 57-year-old writes that he also wants to deliver a "modest contribution" to the "competition of the wildest theories".

Also read: Western Secret Service gave BND that is obviously not meant very seriously, but still full of polemics, predicting politicians some wild scenarios for 2023. This should lead to a civil war in the United States, from California and Texas would emerge as an independent states. President of the new United States? According to Medvedev, none other than Elon Musk, who will particularly win the votes of the Republicans.

The “Fourth Reich” and the division of Europe

Putin talks about negotiations and the Patriot flight defense

 Putin talks about negotiations and the Patriot flight defense "There is always an antidote" Putin talks about negotiations and the patriot flight defense © t-Online at the end of the year he will once again be speaking: Vladimir Putin interprets negotiations with the Ukraine and evaluates western arms deliveries. Kremlin chief Vladimir Putin criticized the deliveries of Patriot flight defense rockets of the USA to Ukraine .

also has some prophecies for Europe. The United Kingdom will join the EU again, which would consequently collapse. Poland and Hungary would then start a war and conquer western areas of the "former Ukraine".

The Russian narrative of the National Socialist West can also be found in the forecasts. Medvedev says the foundation of a "fourth kingdom", which will include Germany, Poland, the Baltic States and the "Republic of Kyiv". However, a war will break out between this Reich and France, which leads to the division of Europe.

In the end, Medvedev ends his prophecy with "seasonal greetings" to all of his "Anglo -Saxon friends and her happily grunting piglets".

Medledew's bizarre proof of loyalty

Medvedew's contribution shows how uninhibited the ex-president has become. But where does his drastic change from the former liberals come from to the agitator? Colum Mackenzie, Russia specialist for the SRF

, points out that "Medledew's time as President is certainly also beautiful". Finally, attacked the neighboring country of Georgia while Medledew's term as President. At that time, Putin apparently controlled politics from the background as prime minister. Medvedev only executed commands.

Mackenzie suspects a kind of test behind the bizarre theories of the Kremlin over the West. Which politicians are so loyal to Putin that they would spread "every nonsense"? Medvedev today is only a political edge figure that daring the old days as a powerful man. "This shows that he is not a strong politician," said the Russia expert.

"The brush is lying again": Putin canceled at short notice - the reason excavations .
© Imago/Mikhail Klimentyev/Kremlin Pool/Zuma Wire General SVR Wladimir Putin escape plans War Loss "The brush lies again": Putin says at short notice Travel off - the reason excavations Vladimir Putin remains at home - despite a large -scale trip to the border region. The reason for the Kremlin provokes questions. Moscow/Munich-Wladimir Putin had made himself rare for a long time and managed his official business almost exclusively from the Kremlin-fear of a (corona) infection was said to be.

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