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US News: Future of Union parties: Learn from mistakes? Almost a year ago,

Malaysia: Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim won a vote of confidence in Parliament

 Malaysia: Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim won a vote of confidence in Parliament © AFP - Hasnoor Hussain Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim leaves Parliament after the vote of trust, in Kuala Lumpur on December 19, 2022. The government of National Union led by Anwar Ibrahim spent the test of confidence in Parliament on Monday. This is a first victory for the Eternal Malaysian opponent who became Prime Minister on November 19. To prevail, he only needed an acclamation ballot. The voices of his supporters in the hemicycle quickly covered the cries of the opposition.

was extremely proud that it had brought something out of what this form had never had before: a comprehensive analysis of the causes of the defeat in the Bundestag election. However, the public was only allowed to participate in this exercise in the form of some reports on the report in question. Otherwise, one could not only have found out how much and what had gone wrong in the recent past in the recent past, but also which teachings the CDU wanted to draw from the mistakes of the past. For example from the nomination of the Chancellor's candidate in April 2021 and thus immensely, which reminded of the same mistake of the SPD in 2017. However, the CDU was less to blame for the delay, which made every campaign planning for waste. Precisely because Söder has only set up the ambitions to a new chancellor candidacy until the state election in Bavaria in Bavaria, it should be in the well -understood interest of both parties to agree on a procedure as soon as possible with which a joint candidate for chancellor is chosen. While the intellectual apathy of the C parties threatens to become a permanent state, at least this potential source of misfortune would have to be drowned.

Guaidó calls on the Venezuelans to oppose the dissolution of the "provisional government". .
© provided by News 360 Archives - Juan Guaidó, Venezuelan opposition head - Jesus Vargas/DPA The Venezuelan opponent Juan Guaidó called on Tuesday the Venezuelan citizens to rise against a reform proposed by most parties of opposition which aims to dissolve the "provisional government" which he directs. "My call to all political forces in Parliament is to do what is best for Venezuela.

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