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US News: Sunday question in Brandenburg: SPD remains the strongest force in the country

BUND: Oil supply also secured according to Embargo

 BUND: Oil supply also secured according to Embargo The fuel supply at petrol stations in large parts of East Germany is secured from the perspective of the Federal Government despite the oil embargo for the PCK refinery in Schwedt from January. "We have given security of supply in the region," said parliamentary state secretary Michael Kellner (Greens) today in Potsdam.

The state parliament would be elected on Sunday, the AfD would come to second place. The CDU is 17 percent.

Dietmar Woidke (SPD), Ministerpräsident von Brandenburg. © Photo: Soeren Stache Dietmar Woidke (SPD), Prime Minister of Brandenburg.

Brandenburg's SPD remains the strongest political force in the country. This emerges from a survey that the PMG polling institute created on behalf of the SPD State Association. If the state elections were on Sunday, 27 percent of the voters would choose the Social Democrats of SPD state chief and Prime Minister Dietmar Woidke.

In the other places, the AfD followed with 23 percent of the vote and the CDU with 17 percent. Clear burglaries compared to the last state elections in 2019 and earlier polls from other institutes record the left, which only came to 9 percent of the votes. According to the PMG survey,

SPD Throws Wüst failure in the fight against crisis in front of

 SPD Throws Wüst failure in the fight against crisis in front of © Kay Nietfeld/DPA/Archive picture Bundesrat SPD Wüst Verlits Verlit in the fight against the crisis before SPD opposition leader in NRW Landtag, Thomas Kutschaty, has Prime Minister Hendrik Wüst (CDU) and chaos accused of providing the crisis aids for the country. The black and green state government has been failing for months to launch its own measure package against the energy price crisis, Kutschaty said in the state parliament's budget debate on Tuesday.

losses must also take Bündnis 90/The Greens, which would only receive 7 percent of the votes. The FDP would be represented in the state parliament again at 6 percent, as would BVB/Free Voters that would come to 5 percent. "The Brandenburgers rely on the reliability of the Brandenburg SPD in these difficult times," commented SPD general secretary David Kolesnyk.

Most recently, an survey by Infratest Dimap on behalf of the RBB at the end of September 2022 had seen the SPD with the AfD at 24 percent, which was a maximum value for the AfD. The CDU was 18 percent, the Greens at 11, the left at 9 percent. After the Brandenburg trend of the Institute Insa for "Bild" in early October 2022, the AfD was even 25 percent ahead of the Social Democrats, which landed at 22 percent.

In the 2019 Brandenburg state election, the SPD had asserted itself with 26.2 percent well before the AfD at 23.5 percent. The CDU had 15.6 percent, the Greens were 10.8 percent and the left reached 10.7 percent. The free voters were 5.0 percent, the FDP came to 4.1 percent.

former Hessian Minister of Culture Holzapfel died .
The former Hessian Minister of Culture Hartmut Holzapfel is dead. As the SPD parliamentary group announced on Wednesday, the long-time SPD member of the Landtag died on December 21 at the age of 78. The chairman of the SPD parliamentary group, Günter Rudolph, praised Holzapfel as a profiled educational politician who had emphasized the modernization of the Hessian school system: "Education and education policy were the lives of Hartmut Holzapfel." © Fabian Matzerath/dpa/archive image The former

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