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US News: "The Supernasen": Director Dieter Pröttel died

"You are leaving and you are silent": Sylvie Tellier "trip" by Miss France, the real reasons

 is official, Sylvie Tellier left the management of the Miss France committee. She returns to the real reasons for this departure ... © Zupimages after spending 17 years at the head of the Miss France committee, Sylvie Tellier officially passed the torch to Cindy Fabre this Saturday, December 17. Until then, she had always remained very elusive about the real reasons for this departure.

The long-time television director Dieter Pröttel (1933-2022) is dead. He died with his family on December 26 at the age of 89, the television producer Werner Kimmig said ( 74) on its website with . Pröttel stands like no other for the early days of the big television and family shows.

Der beliebte Fernsehregisseur Dieter Pröttel ist tot. © Imago/Hoffmann The popular television director Dieter Pröttel is dead.

as a show and film director, moderator and editor-in-chief he shaped the 1960s to 90s and was still a director until 2006. He also directed the first color television program in Germany. Willy Brandt pressed the famous red button at the radio exhibition in Berlin in 1967 to initiate the transmission in color.

Mike Hodges, the director of "Flash Gordon" and "Get Carter", died

 Mike Hodges, the director of British filmmaker Mike Hodges, known for having produced in 1980 "Flash Gordon", died on Saturday December 17, at the age of 90 years. © supplied by Franceinfo Mike Hodges, famous British filmmaker and director, died on Saturday December 17 at his home in Dorset, in the southwest of England, said his producer and friend Mike Kaplan at the Journal The Guardian and Variety magazine, Wednesday, December 21.

Beginnings with the "Three Halodries"

as a student Pröttel first tour as a member of the "Three Halodries" through the concert halls of the young Federal Republic. The trio offered cabaret-style cover music and was finally discovered by Peter Frankenfeld at "Whoever wants". Pröttel was a permanent show director and editor at the SWR for ten years and really started right.

Author of all casting shows

he developed new formats such as the "talent dandruff", which is long before Dieter Bohlens (68) jury activity is the forefather of all casting shows. The very big stars of the industry such as Marlene Dietrich, Rudi Carrell or Joachim "Blacky" Fuchsberger worked with Pröttel.

But he also discovered many new talents, among these, for example, the world -famous showmager Siegfried and Roy or the very popular comedian Hape Kerkeling (58).

BUND In the case of a battered energy company Uniper,

 BUND In the case of a battered energy company Uniper, The energy company Uniper is largely nationalized. The Federal Ministry of Economics and the Federal Ministry of Finance announced on Thursday in a joint message in Berlin. Uniper has carried out a capital increase of over eight billion euros, in which the federal government was only approved for drawing. In addition, the Federal Government of Unipers has bought the shares of previous Finnish majority shareholders. As a result, the federal government now holds around 99 percent of the company.

In addition, he worked as editor-in-chief of the television illustrated "Bild+Funk", built up a music label and a television production company for Burda-Verlag. His "super nose" films with Thomas Gottschalk (72) and Mike Krüger (71) (1983 and 1984) should be the best known.

never lifted despite the huge success

Dieter Pröttel was considered extremely popular with all production teams. He was said to have the ability to bring together a wide variety of star characters. Above all, however, he treated all employees from the cable assistant to the moderator with the same respect.

The television producer Werner Kimmig remembers: "I was always able to fall back on his advice. And the council was always in the right place. I will miss him very much. And our family is committed to him. Nobody will be able to fill the family. Our sympathy applies especially to his dear wife Birte and his three sons. "

Death of Linda de Suza: the moving tribute of Cyril Féraud to the singer who had participated in the tender age tour .
© Laurent Benhamou/Sipa Death of Linda de Suza: the moving tribute of Cyril Féraud to the singer who had participated in the tender age Linda de Suza died died this Wednesday, December 28. The Portuguese singer had been very successful in the 80s and her fans, famous and anonymous today pay him homage. The most French of the Portuguese has left us. This Wednesday, December 28, the agent of Linda de Suza announced that the artist died at the age of 74 .

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