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US News: traffic light argues on Corona measures - FDP wants to end the mask obligation

ADAC warns of many traffic jams on Thursday and Friday

 ADAC warns of many traffic jams on Thursday and Friday At the beginning of the Christmas holidays, drivers in Hesse have to prepare for considerable traffic disruptions. Many main travel routes such as Autobahn 3 and the A5 are likely to reach the limits of their capacity on Thursday and Friday (22nd and 23rd December), as the ADAC Hessen-Thuringia announced on Tuesday. On these days, travel, rush hour traffic and Christmas buyers in city centers caused a lot of traffic.

The dispute over the mask obligation divides the traffic light coalition. While the FDP continues to promote an end to all restrictions, politicians from the SPD step on the brakes.

Archivbild. Eggenfelden, 24.11.2021 © Christof Stache/AFP or Licensors archive image. Eggenfelden, 24.11.2021

Federal Minister of Health Karl Lauterbach referred to overcrowded hospitals and overloaded medical staff. To drop all masks now appears too early for the health politician. Chancellor Olaf Scholz stood behind Lauterbach. The liberals see it differently.

Bayern and Saxony-Anhalt: Without a mask on the bus?

Federal Minister of Justice Marco Buschmann was pretended and had asked to end all measures. The announcement by virologist Christian Drosten was preceded by the pandemic.

The federal states themselves decide on the mask obligation in buses and trains of local transport. A FFP2 mask obligation is laid down for long-distance trains and long-distance buses nationwide. This also applies to medical and nursing staff. There is also a test obligation for them. The nationwide measures apply until April 7th. However, the Federal Minister of Health recently left open whether they actually remain into force until spring.

Strack-Zimmermann: Chancellery takes over Russian narrative .
debate about armor deliveries Strack-Zimmermann: Chancellery takes over Russian narrative © t-Online in a dispute over fighter tank deliveries to Ukraine accuses Strack-Zimmermann to hesitate. Long -term strategies were missing. In the traffic light coalition, additional weapon deliveries to Ukraine and possible peace negotiations with Russia are still debated.

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