Auto Shows: Katie Holmes wears the rock trend for autumn 2022 and combines the ultimate IT-Piece

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Katie Holmes bears the rock trend for autumn 2022

  Katie Holmes trägt DEN Rocktrend für den Herbst 2022 und kombiniert dazu das ultimative It-Piece © Getty Images

The Herbst is: The temperatures are falling shorter and Our skirts all the longer. This is also aware of Katie Holmes and demonstrates that we do not have to do without this autumn on our favorite part, the Rock , in order to stay warm. The actress and style icon in the Front Row was found for the current fashion weekend season of the Spring-2023 collection of the New York Hype label Khaite-and showed its best side. The highlight of your outfit? Katie Holmes Maxi rock made of black Denim , which looks totally beautiful and keeps it warm.

& Katie Holmes combines this autumn classic to describe Katie Holmes style to describe this autumn classic to your Maxi Rock

? Zeitlos . The actress combines her black Maxi-Jeansrock into elegant leather boots and white basic shirt. To complete her minimalist look, Katie Holmes opted for a super-default oversized blazer- but not only at any oversized Blazer . Katie Holmes Loose jacket is made of dark brown cord and is the second big autumn trend in the outfit of the actress in addition to her Maxi jean skirt.

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& 12092022-Katie-Holmes-Look © Rommel Demano/BFA 12092022-Katie-Holmes-Look Katie Holmes: That makes your look perfect for autumn

to dress appropriate and at the same time stylish for the cold season is definitely an art in itself. So it's good that Katie Holmes delivers a lot of autumn inspo with your denim-cord combination. The fixed textiles keep us warm in the coming months and also look fantastic, especially in the Oversized look . The Maxi-Jeansrock is super varied due to its simple design and thus usable for every occasion and style. A real all -rounder!

& Katie Holmes: The actress takes up the styling trick for jeans maxi rock Maxi skirt made of solid fabric to Maxi-Blazer made of solid fabric-a look that does not always work as well as Katie Holmes. The reason: If the outfit is not quite as clever, it does not necessarily flatter your own silhouette - can even quickly lead to the fact that: The carriers: in the way he was: they sink into their own clothes. Katie Holmes, of course, knows how to do it right: her Maxi rock is slotted

, which stretches the figure. In addition, the actress leaves her oversized blazer open, which makes the proportions (also thanks to white shirt and hip belt) appear right again.

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We find: 10 out of 10 possible style points, dear Katie!


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Katie Holmes surprises with radical Micro Side Bangs-and shows which pony trend we have to wear now .
Katie Holmes with Micro-Pony © Getty Images Actually, Katie Holmes is currently in New York. Her gently wavy long bob is more of the haircut classics. A few days ago, the actress was seen with an gray approach , but now she surprised on the red carpet of the “New York Fashion Week” with a radical look with which she can hardly be recognized at first glance.

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