Auto Shows: after "Sell Everything Day": Dax with a minus start on Frankfurt Stock Exchange

Start of the holidays - Frankfurt Airport without Chaos

 Start of the holidays - Frankfurt Airport without Chaos without the feared handling chaos started on Friday, many thousands of passengers started their summer vacation from Frankfurt Airport. © Boris Roessler/dpa Thousands of passengers are waiting for their check-in before the airport's handling switches.

The shock after the US inflation data from the previous day also has the DAX under control on Wednesday.

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with the DAX we went to the Handelseröffnunbg on Wednesday by 0.44 percent 13,131.34 points south.

the day before, the German leading index was still at 13,564 points to its 100-day line before the high US inflation caught the investors cold.

inflation worries press the

US dollar and the capital market interest in the United States according to the disappointing inflation data , which suggests that investors expect further significant interest rate by the US Federal Reserve, in parallel to the deep red stock markets. . The core inflation that is so important for the course of the Fed, which leaves the volatile energy and food prices out, was surprisingly 0.6 percent above the previous month and 6.3 percent above the same period in August.

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Commerzbank was then spoke of a "Sell Everything Day" - a day when investors completely shy away from risks and sell through the bank with a view to the stock market.

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Börse Frankfurt: DAX slips on red terrain .
The DAX seems to stop his attempt to stabilize on Thursday. © provided by Mario Vedder/Getty Images with a slight increase of 0.09 percent to 13,040.36 points, the DAX started in the Thursday session. The stock barometer also presented itself a little higher afterwards, but only until noon. In the meantime, the Dax loses 0.20 percent on 13,001.99 points on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. shocked by the High US Inflation , the DAX was recently sagged by up to 4.5 percent in two days f

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