Auto Shows: This sneaker icon from the 90s was the trend shoe of the Berlin Fashion Week

Fixed: Why Rope Sandals In the summer of 2022 The shoe trend of the hour is

 Fixed: Why Rope Sandals In the summer of 2022 The shoe trend of the hour is the old-tried is the longest? In any case, this wisdom applies to the shoe trend of the hour. Because the principle on which so -called Rope Sandals build is actually an old one: the rope sandals were worn in the ancient times of Romans and Greeks and in the Middle Ages of monks. This means Sandals , which, in contrast to the classic Roman sandals, instead of leather straps with ropes made of braided fabric or natural materials such as bast, which are reminiscent of ship traffic jams.

Diese Sneaker-Ikone war DER Trend-Schuh der Berlin Fashion Week PR © PR This sneaker icon was the trend shoe of the Berlin Fashion Week PR

The Designer William Fan is known for its shows of the Superlative and regularly invites the Berlin Fashion Crowd to the most unusual places to present his new collections. This year he showed his creations for spring/summer 2023 in the underground of the Potsdam train station in the club "The Tunnel" and catapulted the fashion audience directly to the 1990s.

In addition to the collection with the name " Eternity ", an Sneaker Trend from the 1990s also celebrated a comeback on the William fan catwalk. The casual-edlen designs with Techno-Flair were with the superstar sneaker from Adidas paired. The best: While we have to wait a season for the William Fan collection, we have already picked out the Sneaker Trend by William Fans Runway for you to shop. Just continue scrolling ...

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 Art Biesenthal 22: Land Party and Art in Brandenburg The exhibition series "Art Biesenthal" brings works of international, well -known artists every year: inside to Brandenburg. Art, nature and architecture come together wonderfully here. © provided by Tipberlin The site of Art Biesenthal northeastern Berlin would be worth a trip without art.

Sneaker-Trend: William Fan Superstar Adidas PR © PR Sneaker Trend: William Fan Superstar Adidas PR Sneaker trend: The superstar of Adidas celebrates a comeback on the catwalk of William Fan

William Fan with his runway presentation in the "The Tunnel “Let the techno scene of the 1990s revive. For beats with a rave factor, the designer fashion presented in the look of this era. Bright neon parts in pink and green, stomach-free tops and velvet overturns were paired here with blazers and pants in tailoring style and brought the techno-pieces into a noble and adult context.

The creations were also provided with an sneaker icon , which was worn in the large-scale discotheques from Essen to Berlin in the 1990s. The Adidas superstar with its round cap and the three legendary stripes on the side is the perfect shoe to dance complete nights. He was originally launched as a basketball shoe in the late 1960s and penetrated the hip-hop scene in the 80s. His simple design with nostalgic flair is more trendy than ever today. Especially in subtle colors such as white and black as on the William-Fan-Fan-Fan-Raufsteg , it fits perfectly into our everyday life again today.

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 men's fashion trend: stripes. 4 things we can learn from Tom Beck Sometimes you can imagine the Styling like composing a song: the bassline, these are the basic colors of your look. The beat is the striking part of your styling - for example a fat print or neon -colored sneakers. The melody says what character your look has - cool, formal, trendy or fresh? And the chords describe the combinations within your outfit - for example whether you have chosen your shoe in the same color as your cap.

Retro-sneaker trend: These 3 models are trendy in 2022 © pr sneaker trends: Sneaker Adidas Superstar PR

Adidas Superstar: This is how we wear the sneaker trend in autumn 2022 inspiration for the Sneaker-Trends: Sneaker Adidas Superstar PR Styling On the catwalk by William Fan. Wide trousers in men's style are also the perfect partners for the sneaker trend from Adidas in autumn 2022. If you want to take the techno flair of the shoes to the top, you rely on tight pants in pistachio green and pink with a light blow. Skater girl jeans from wide cuts and with Mid Waist are also made for the superstar sneaker. The best: Subtle models in black are even possible for a suit in the office. One thing is certain: You can now use this cool sneaker trend with retro-vibes extremely versatile.

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© pr sneaker trend: William fan superstar Adidas PR

Sneaker-Trend: William Fan Superstar Adidas PR in vs.

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. That accompany us for long. If you then still look cool and modern, you even have the potential with a real must-have. In autumn 2022 this applies in particular to barrel jeans, which now replace mom jeans . © PR HM-Barrel-Jeans-Herbst-2022 PR With its exciting, conical silhouette, barrel jeans-seen during the fashion Weeks both on the catwalks and on street style stars-to an absolutely everyday and at the same time Edgy Jeans trend in autumn 2022.

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