Auto Shows: Autumn Trend 2022: We wear these 5 black IT-Pieces from H&M 24/7

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Diese 5 schwarzen Herbst-Trends von H&M tragen wir 24/7 Imaxtree © Imaxtree These 5 black autumn trends from H&M, we wear 24/7 imaxtree

on the trend colors Khaki, Orange or Pink is out of the question for you? Then you landed in this trend preview, because here we look at the autumn trends 2022 from your favorite color world: black! at H&M you can now find trendy innovations in black , which are totally popular in autumn 2022.

Autumn Trends 2022: Shop these innovations in black, do we now always work at H&M

black? We also find it! That is why we prefer to shop the current autumn fashion 2022 in the dark shade. Which IT-Pieces you should put from the range from fashion perspective? This!

1st autumn trend 2022 from H&M: black knitting dress

in autumn the knitting dress is an absolute must-have . Because it not only fits perfectly with the hottest shoes of the year: cowboyboots! But is also comfortable, fits every figure and can be styled excellently when it gets colder. You already notice: We are in Love! Here you get the most beautiful knitting dress in black at H&M.

Leni Klum shows which jeans trend we wear instead of Skinny in autumn 2022 - and we already love him

 Leni Klum shows which jeans trend we wear instead of Skinny in autumn 2022 - and we already love him with her jeans, Leni Klum relies on a trend that will conquer autumn 2022 © Getty Images; Collage: Condé Nast Germany We enjoy the last summer weeks, but like to look fashionably towards Herbst . In this case, Leni Klum with its Jeans offers inspiration for the coming season. The model recently relied on trend pants that compete with any skinny models. Leni Klum has the shoot, moves with her style between glamorous at events and extremely casual in everyday life.

2nd autumn trend 2022 from H&M: Black stripe sweater

strip sweaters are now everywhere! If you only want to buy some IT-Piece for autumn, you should invest this beautiful strip sweater from H&M in . The all-rounder can be combined excellently with other black autumn trends, is warm and cozy. So we like our fashion trends!

3rd autumn trend 2022 from H&M: Black (leather) blazer

Why the fashion professionals are always so well dressed? Because they build their looks around cool black blazer . So you need one this season. And best of all you use this black model made of soft leather imitation from H&M . 4th autumn trend 2022 from H&M: Black Cowboyboots

It is

of the shoe trend in autumn 2022: Cowboyboots . Now you can no longer avoid investing in one of these trendy models. And prefer to order now before everything is sold out. Our favorite: these black western boots from H&M. 5. Autumn trend 2022 from H&M: Black Elegant Pants

wow! H&M has the perfect trench coat for autumn - and it is fashion trend 2022

 wow! H&M has the perfect trench coat for autumn - and it is fashion trend 2022 Every year again, when the temperatures are cooler and the days shorter, we look forward to seeing him again: the Trenchcoat . Because hardly a fashion trend can remain so exciting, thanks to always new versions, details and styling ideas-that you just can't see you enough. © Getty Images Trenchcoat Getty Images No question: A trenchoat is an investment that is always worthwhile - especially in times when we pay more attention to the shopping budget than usually.

that Wide Trousers are

fashion trend 2022 this year, we almost don't even have to say because we see them everywhere. Instead of jeans, we are now putting this convenient yet chic model for 19 euros from H&M on . The black elegant pants have a relaxed, wide fit that flows around the legs. A real figure flatterer , which is still trendy. Have fun shopping!

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as in "Euphoria": The Bubble Ponytail invented the ponytail as a hairstyle trend in autumn 2022 again completely new .
that the Ponytail is the jeans, the trench coat or the small blacks of the hairstyle trends: one Classic that always works, everyone stands and yet never gets boring because he keeps reinventing himself. We can see the proof of this thesis on Instagram and Tikkok, where the ponytail is celebrated in a new variant in autumn 2022 - as Bubble Ponytail .

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