Auto Shows: barrel jeans instead of mom jeans: The jeans trend 2022 with the exciting silhouette is now available at H&M

Women's trend: chic in jeans this summer

 Women's trend: chic in jeans this summer supplied by Cover Media with a return of "freshness", can also return the port of our darling jeans. We didn't want him not to be a heat wave, but time was starting to be long. Today, or in a few days for a few unfortunate people who live or spend their holidays in the south of France, we will be chic in jeans (and without risking discomfort).

. That accompany us for long. If you then still look cool and modern, you even have the potential with a real must-have. In autumn 2022 this applies in particular to barrel jeans, which now replace mom jeans .

hm-barrel-jeans-herbst-2022 PR © PR HM-Barrel-Jeans-Herbst-2022 PR With its exciting, conical silhouette, barrel jeans-seen during the fashion Weeks both on the catwalks and on street style stars-to an absolutely everyday and at the same time Edgy Jeans trend in autumn 2022. Depending on the styling, you can be worn in the office, in the city while shopping or in the evening in the bar.

Barrel-Jeans-Trend-2022 Imaxtree © Imaxtree Barrel-Jeans-Trend-2022 Imaxtree Barrrel-Jeans-HM-Ganni-2022 Imaxtree © Imaxtre Barrrel-Jean-MHANNI-2022 IMAXTREE The best: There are exactly such a trend jeans in the current collection of the Swedish fashion chain H&M. Thanks to puristic design and a comfortable cut, the H&M model combines all requirements for a timeless jeans trend in autumn 2022, which can last many seasons. Denim trend with exciting silhouette: What are barrel jeans?

The barrel jeans from H&M scores with a medium -high waistband, wide cut on the thighs and a cone -shaped silhouette that runs narrow downwards. Therefore, the name of the trend jeans comes in the style of the 1980s, which is borrowed from the English word "barrel" (tap or cylinder).

Dakota Johnson relies on this clothing trend in the summer of 2022, which is already available at ASOS for less than 100 euros for shopping

 Dakota Johnson relies on this clothing trend in the summer of 2022, which is already available at ASOS for less than 100 euros for shopping Dakota Johnson is relating to this clothing trend in summer - and we'll tell you where he can be upgraded cheaply © Getty Images Dakota Johnson shows that sometimes it doesn't need much to create a great summer look . The actress relies on a clothing trend that is simple, but also a statement and therefore not only like minimalists: inside , but also those who like it more striking. The main reason for this is the special look.

barrel jeans are not angry, are comfortable and ensure a great figure by emphasizing the waist through their high-waw cut and making the upper body appear narrower in relation to the voluminous pants. The trend jeans of H&M in washed out black and with frayed hem adds the relaxed barrel jeans an additional cool note.

Barrel-Jeans-Trend-2022 PR © PR Barrel-Jeans-Trend-2022 PR Barrel Jeans instead of mom jeans: This is how you wear the jeans trend from H&M as a fashion trend in autumn 2022-and then The trend jeans from H&M is a changeable favorite which can be styled minimalist, elegant, cool or playful depending on the occasion. So it becomes in 2022 and also a stylish autumn outfit, which convinces with a special silhouette, but is by no means for the foreground and is therefore versatile.

as a stylish companion for the trend jeans are, for example,

Chunky Loafer

, which underlined the EDGY look of the barrel jeans. In terms of sport, the H&M model in combination with sneakers, which give the relaxed trend jeans a casual twist. Further styling ideas can be found below.

instead of leather boots! These buffer shoes from H&M are in autumn/winter 2022 trend .
© Getty Images Trend 2022: These sneakers from H&M are the perfect boot alternative getty when you start to carry several thick knit socks on top of each other or asks yourself Whether you can also put pocket warmers in your shoes has definitely come for winter shoes. The most reliable are of course Boots made of leather, which protect the material from the fact that the cold rises to your knees.

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