Auto Shows: Western Sahara: a tweet by President Kenyan who raises question

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Le nouveau président kenyan William Ruto, le 17 août 2022 à Nairobi. © Reuters - Monicah Mwangi The new President Kenyan William Ruto, August 17, 2022 in Nairobi.

Wednesday, September 14, William Ruto was blowing in a tweet the break in his diplomatic relations with the Arab Republic of Democratic Sahrawi (RASD), before erasing it a few hours later.

With our correspondent in Nairobi, Florence Morice

or is it or not a flip-flop? And what will be Nairobi's position in the Sahrawi Republic? This is the silence on the side of the Kenyan presidency since Wednesday. No explanation was provided about this erased tweet. In another message, still visible to him, President William Ruto only indicates that his country "supports" United Nations mediation on the question of Western Sahara, as the "exclusive mechanism to find a lasting solution" to the conflict between Rabat and Polisario about this disputed territory.

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Interview with the Moroccan Foreign Minister ...

but beyond the bottom, it is the method used by the new Kenyan president who arouses reactions and questions. An informal announcement, in a tweet, and unexpected, while 24 hours earlier, the chief of the Polisario Front, Brahim Ghali, attended his inauguration in Nairobi.

This tweet was written at the end of an interview with the new President and the Moroccan Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita. During this interview, the two countries promised to strengthen their cooperation. However, the question of Western Sahara is "the prism through which Morocco considers its international environment". It was King Mohamed VI himself who declared it last month by urging his partners to "clarify" their position on the subject to support Rabat "without any ambiguity".

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