Auto Shows: for more volume: The Box Bob is perfect for thin hair-and 2022 a hairstyle trend

Thanks to the "Barbie" film: Barbie Blond, as a hairstyle trend in the summer of 2022, the most popular blond tone

 Thanks to the has now become a film that the social media is currently having a trot: "Barbie". The shooting runs at full speed and the first pictures of the two main actors Barbie (Margot Robbie) and Ken (Ryan Gosling) come to us. The story is quickly explained: a doll in Barbieland is forced to leave the country due to its many imperfections and embarks on an adventure in the real world. On her trip, she finally realizes that true perfection can only be found inside.

It is even considered a "face lift for hair" under hair professionals. The Box Bob is the perfect solution for thin, plate hair that simply does not want to get a structure despite volume shampoos and other styling products. So if you also suffer from the problem of thin hair and finally want more momentum, you should read on.

Frisuren-Trend-2022-Sommer-Box Bob Imaxtree © Imaxtree Frisuren-Trend-2022-Sommer-Box Bob Imaxtree Frisuren trend 2022: The Box Bob is the perfect hairstyle for thin hair. The box Bob from

sees as a "Face Lift for Hair" describe it expert :Inside. Right? With this BOB hairstyle , the hair is cut to a length, approximately at the level of the chin. The straight haircut gives the hair more abundance. In the neck area, on the other hand, the hairstyle trend 2022 is set very easily, which creates additional volume. This gives the hair more handle and structure.

so hot! Alessandra Ambrosio is now wearing a French pony

 so hot! Alessandra Ambrosio is now wearing a French pony The beautiful French are known for their stunning hairstyles. With their pony hairstyles, step cuts and trend hair colors, they radiate so much elegance and sensuality -not only we want to learn something, but also real supermodels like Alessandra Ambrosio love the look. Alessandra has now dared to get a branded hairstyle trend with the French women.

Christian Dior Haute Couture Herbst/ Winter 2022 Imaxtree © imaxtree Christian Dior Haute Couture Herbst/ Winter 2022 Imaxtree This is how the box BOB is styled

A little Styling also requires the Box BOB box trend. The first styling variant is a classic look with smooth hair. Spray some heat protection in the lengths and blow dry over a round brush. For the second styling variant, the hair is initially dried (don't forget the heat protection) and then styles it with a flat iron to gentle Soft Waves . To do this, alternately smooth one strand up to half and then fold to the right or left. Finally, some hair oil in the lengths for more shine and some hair wax in the tips - so the waves will be preserved the next day.

Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture Herbst/ Winter 2022 Imaxtree © Imaxtree Alexandre Vauthier Haute Couture Herbst/ Winter 2022 Imaxtree Who is the hairstyle trend 2022 around the BOX BOB?

The Frisuren trend 2022 around the Box Bob is really the ideal bob hairstyle for thin hair. Anyone who wants more volume and structure should definitely try the haircut. The best: the box bob stands every face shape. Regardless of whether oval, elongated, angular, round or heart -shaped, the hair length can simply be adapted to the contours of the face. So you cut the box bob in round faces tend to be up to the middle of the neck, with longer faces a pony looks good for the BOB box.

can the 2022 trend hairstyle elegant? Kristen Stewart gives the Vokuhila a Chanel upgrade .
"of all people I know, it is the most similar to Gabrielle Chanel ," boasted designer Virginie VIARD after her big show on the Paris Fashion Week The long-time Chanel-Muse Kristen Stewart . This was one of the sources of inspiration for the collection, which was tender and dreamy, but at the same time also unfavorably with corners and edges. "She understands Chanel, his designs. They become even more modern through them. This collection ... it is too, ”says Viar.

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