Auto Shows: how botox? These two inexpensive serums are supposed to work together-and if the beauty trend 2022

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 Leni Klum shows which jeans trend we wear instead of Skinny in autumn 2022 - and we already love him with her jeans, Leni Klum relies on a trend that will conquer autumn 2022 © Getty Images; Collage: Condé Nast Germany We enjoy the last summer weeks, but like to look fashionably towards Herbst . In this case, Leni Klum with its Jeans offers inspiration for the coming season. The model recently relied on trend pants that compete with any skinny models. Leni Klum has the shoot, moves with her style between glamorous at events and extremely casual in everyday life.

is still considered the panacea against wrinkles: Botox . Nevertheless, many people reject treatment with the nerve poison, plus the high prices of such treatments. How nice would it be if you could achieve the same effect with beauty products, don't it?

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The fulfillment of this request now seems to be within reach: On Tikkok, an Beauty tip of a special kind is the round: two anti-aging -Seren of the in-brand The Ordinary in combination should appear similar to Botox -and are also extremely inexpensive. What's it all about?

Beauty trend 2022: What is behind the hype about the serums of The Ordinary?

To understand the hype to understand The Ordinary products, you first have to know how Botox actually works. In fact, it is based on the active ingredient botulinum toxin. This inhibits the transmission of arousal from the nerve cells to the muscle. Within 8-14 days, a streamlined effect occurs at the point where the botulinum toxin was sprayed, since the muscles are relaxed and thus no more than folds .

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 Selena Gomez carries this unexpected blue tone on the nails - and it is the colorful nail trend for autumn Selena Gomez wears this unexpected blue tone on the nails © Getty Images as owner of her own beauty brand white Selena Gomez , of course, of course, What is the order of the day. But not just in terms of make-up! Because currently the owner of "Rare Beauty" shows us a nail trend that will sweeten us autumn 2022. & Selena Gomez now wears turquoise on the nails .

Tikok beauty professionals now claim that two serums from The Ordinary would have a very similar effect. It is about the following products.

1st Beauty trend 2022: The "Argireline" serum of The Ordinary

This serum of The Ordinary is based on Argireline , actually acetyl hexapeptide, which is supposed to work similarly to botulinum toxin. If you apply it to the skin, it inhibits the release of neurotransmitters, which weakened nerve signals. As a result, the facial muscles relax, fine lines disappear and wrinkles are prevented. In addition, Argireline stimulates the collagen formation of the skin, which looks like the entire complexion of plump and the complexion.

2nd Beauty trend 2022: The "Marixyl" serum of The Ordinary

The second serum of The Ordinary contains Matrixyl , which is considered one of the strongest anti-aging active ingredients, in a high concentration. Marixyl stimulates the formation of collagen and elastin, which makes the complexion look tighter and elastic. The Serum hyaluronic acid also contains, which ensures increased hydration of the skin. conclusion: Does the beauty trend 2022 actually work like Botox?

The answer to this question must be: No. The active ingredients in the two serums cannot replace botox, since superficial

skin care products can never grasp as deeply as something that is injected under the skin. Nevertheless, you can achieve a clear anti-aging effect for an total price of less than 20 euros . The relaxation and moistening of the skin and the stimulus of collagen production can definitely lead to a smoother complexion, although deep folds are not balanced.

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