Auto Shows: Ministry: Load points for electric cars in residential areas are missing

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when switching to electric cars, the Thuringian Energy Ministry sees the housing companies more demanded. In addition to municipalities and municipal utilities, these companies would also have to set up charging stations so that more people would have the opportunity to load electric vehicles at home, said a ministry spokesman on request. At the moment, many housing companies would find it difficult to create charging points for electric cars "because they do not want to be a charging station operator". However, this is also not necessary if housing companies worked with municipal utilities when expanding the charging infrastructure.

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Ein Elektrofahrzeug vom Typ «E-up» von VW (Volkswagen) wird an einer Stromtankstelle aufgeladen. © Patrick Pleul/dpa/Symbol image An electric vehicle of VW (Volkswagen) type is charged at a current petrol station.

, according to the Thuringian Energy and Greentech agency, there are currently around 1150 publicly accessible “electricity filling stations” in the Free State. However, only a part of it is in the residential areas dominated by rental apartments in apartment buildings, but the ministry does not have precise information.

"Around 50 percent of all cars in Thuringia are currently in possession of residents of three- and multi-storey houses," says the concept for the Thuringian charging infrastructure until 2030. In the independent cities such as Erfurt, Jena or Weimar, it is even 79 percent. "In many cases, there is a lack of private charging points, sometimes because the parking spaces are without power supply or because there is no private parking space at all," says the paper.

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Thuringian Energie AG had received 320,000 euros in funding from the state last year to expand the shop network for electric cars. This should support the construction of 82 public charging points. Of these, 48 “predominantly” were intended for residential areas. In the past, many loading points had emerged especially along large streets.

Energy and Environment Minister Anja Siegesmund (Greens) said that there is now a “basic network” in Thuringia in order to be able to charge electrically operated vehicles. "This must now follow the targeted expansion in residential quarters or in the retail parking spaces so that the number of charging stations with the registration numbers for e-cars keep pace.» Loading when shopping, at work or at your own front door makes electromobility even more attractive. According to Siegesmund,

via the “E-Mobil Invest” program supports companies that want to invest in publicly accessible charging points. Depending on the type of loading point, funding of up to 20,000 euros is possible. "For full funding, the charging station must be open to the public 24 hours a day, seven days of the week," said the Ministry of Energy.

Basically, the Ministry of Energy sees the expansion of the charging infrastructure in residential areas, but only as part of the traffic turnaround - especially in the cities. The local transport offers would also have to be expanded and, for example, supplemented by car sharing offers. Degends in the country with their own parking spaces, on the other hand, are often more independent of a publicly accessible charging network.

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