Auto Shows: nervous recovery on Frankfurt stock exchange: Dax holds itself again in the Plus

More containers in the Osthafen in Frankfurt due to low water

 More containers in the Osthafen in Frankfurt due to low water because of the low water in the Rhine, more containers are piled up in the Frankfurt Osthafen than usual. "The port is about 30 to 40 percent fuller than usual," said a spokesman for Contargo. The maximum capacity of 3500 TEU (20 foot containers) was already exceeded on Friday. According to the Contargo, only about 1500 to 1800 Teu are usually stored there. © Arne Dedert/dpa inland ships are loaded and unloaded in the Frankfurt Osthafen ..

On Tuesday, investors on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange are nervous.

ASIF HASSAN/AFP/Getty Images © provided by Asif Hassan/AFP/Getty Images

The DAX opened the session 0.86 percent higher at 12,332.85 points. After that it went into the plus, at times the leading index slipped just below the zero line. Now, however, a profit from 0.93 percent at 12,341.39 points is again on the board.

at the start of the week, stabilization had failed after the stock market barometer had arrived at its lowest stand for almost two years before the weekend.

investors continue to "highly nervous"

as a sign of a sustainable upswing, but the Börsian does not evaluate and therefore do not want to give an all -clear. The market is currently having a lack of willing to buy the investors. The market participants are "highly nervous," outlines the mood observer Thomas Altmann from QC Partners. In the area of ​​tension from rising interest , high inflation and the economic worries, many do not dare to take a greater risk. "There are still few who dare to buy fully from economic and political risks in the current market environment," said Altmann.

becomes a 12,000 mark for the DAX?

generally fears that the 12,000 mark for the DAX could become the next fixed point. The previous day, however, the leading index had held its deepest level on Friday, some market observers mentioned slightly positively. He had approached the two -year low of almost 12,181 points except for a few points, but then stabilized. This could result in a new support line in this area.

Meanwhile, on the new trading day on the economic side, the view of data is primarily based on data from the USA. Redaktion / dpa-AfX

before Fed protocol: Dax steps on Frankfurt's stock exchange in the middle of the week on the spot .
On Wednesday the DAX can hardly get off the spot. © provided by Spencer Platt/Getty Images The DAX launched Wednesday in Frankfurt by 0.11 percent higher at 14,438.20 points. The leading index then commutes around the zero line in a narrow range - currently with a plus 0.04 percent at 14,428.38 points.

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