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  How to buy your first car Find out what you need to research ahead of time, and how to stay one step ahead of the dealer.The key to a successful buy is to first determine how much you can afford. Your credit score, monthly income and the type of car you want should all factor into this decision. The key is to strike a balance between fitting your budget and finding a car right for your needs.

Crédit immobilier : la hausse du taux d’usure au 1er octobre, une bonne nouvelle (provisoire) pour les emprunteurs © Nattanan Kanchanaprat / Pixabay Consulting: The increase in the rate of wear on October 1, good news ( Provisional) for borrowers The Banque de France has just announced the levels of wear rates which will be applied from October 1. These rising scales should give a puff of fresh air (provisional) to real estate buyers.

This is good news awaited by many real estate buyers. This Wednesday, September 28, the Banque de France communicated the wear rates that will be applied from October 1: 3.05% for real estate credits over 20 years old, and 3.03% for those less than 20 years. As a reminder, the wear rate corresponds to the maximum overall effective annual rate (TAEG) (including loan insurance) to which a bank can lend money. For borrowers, the maximum ceiling to which they can borrow thus climbs 0.48% for real estate credits over 20 years old, and 0.43% for those under 20 years of age.

Real estate: access to property, a dream undermined by the increase in interest rates

 Real estate: access to property, a dream undermined by the increase in interest rates is a wish that many French people share: buying property. But to achieve this, the trajectory is more complicated than before. This is in any case what the ninth barometer Buy or rent revealed by, relayed by Le Parisien , Tuesday September 6, 2022. Thus, in 2022, you must keep your property about 14 years for having a main residence becomes more profitable than its rental. For comparison, in 2020, it was necessary to count only 4 years and 4 months on average.

This announcement will have concrete consequences. Indeed, in recent months, many borrower files have been blocked because of this regulatory limitation. The reason is simple: since the beginning of the year, the credit rates practiced by banks have increased much faster than the maximum ceiling set by wear ... which had the effect of excluding a certain number of households of the credit market, which would however have been considered solvable some time earlier. "The recovery [...] will set up certain more difficult situations to access the credit noted in recent weeks," said the Banque de France in its press release.

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on the credit broker side, entry in conflict with the Banque de France to make it review the method of calculation of the calculation of the calculation of the calculation of the calculation of the wear rate deemed obsolete, we welcome the announcement. But we highlight the provisional nature of the oxygen puff for the most fragile borrowers. “Yes, some files will finally find funding, but for how long? One week ? Fifteen days ? Three weeks at most! "Reacts Maël Bernier, director of communication and best-actible spokesperson. Same story heard on the side of Toufinance." Now it will be possible to obtain a loan agreement from A greater number of banks, offering rates up to 2.40%. However, credit rates should not go back in the coming weeks, if not the benefit of the increase in wear rates will be canceled and The situation will be again the same as last summer, ”warns Sandrine Allonier, spokesperson for youfinance.

The prices of old real estate net in the third quarter of 2022 .
© Mathieu Pattier / Archives Ouest France The prices of old real estate climb. Illustration photo. According to the notary-in-law index, old real estate prices are up 6.4% compared to last year in the third quarter of 2022. The increase is even stronger for houses. The prices of the old real estate increased by 6.4 % over a year in the third quarter, the increase continuing its slight slowdown, according to the reference notary index of reference published Thursday. Read also: Card.

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