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Fixed: Why Rope Sandals In the summer of 2022 The shoe trend of the hour is

 Fixed: Why Rope Sandals In the summer of 2022 The shoe trend of the hour is the old-tried is the longest? In any case, this wisdom applies to the shoe trend of the hour. Because the principle on which so -called Rope Sandals build is actually an old one: the rope sandals were worn in the ancient times of Romans and Greeks and in the Middle Ages of monks. This means Sandals , which, in contrast to the classic Roman sandals, instead of leather straps with ropes made of braided fabric or natural materials such as bast, which are reminiscent of ship traffic jams.

, the summer and thus the bikini season, the rush to the gym has also subsided. The right time is now to prepare for the hot temperatures next year, because unfortunately a flat belly does not arise within a week. Before you go directly into the forearm support-the sacred grail of the abdominal muscle exercises-there is also good news: With the Bear Crawl, we have finally found an alternative to the Planking that is even more effective, offers and offers variety and Just when the fitness trend is traded at all!

Effektiver als Planking: Fitness-Trend Crawling sorgt für ein Sixpack Getty Images © Getty Images more effective than planking: Fitness trend crawling ensures a sixpack getty image crawling for a flat stomach-this fitness trend is 2.0

crawling, so crawling, but admittedly sounds strange, but is a fitness for the time being -Trend that nobody should leave out. Because the Bear Crawl, also called bear gang, is strictly speaking a further development of the planking - only more dynamic and therefore even more effective for a flat stomach. "The Bear Crawl is a great way to train the whole body with a clear focus on the core-stabilizing muscles and also train spatial coordination and control of your own body," says fitness and personal trainer Sebastian Spatz . “While a position is only static with the plank, you actively work dynamically on the Bear Crawl and still keep a strict statics in the fuselage in order to be able to hike forward in a controlled and slowly. Crawling is, so to speak, a modern variant of the plank position - the Plank 2.0. ”The Bear Crawl originally comes from the crossfit, but now he has even made it up to Pilates and yoga studios.

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Planking has a break! This is how the fitness trend crawling works particularly practical for a flat belly

: the Bear Crawl does not require equipment. You can train anytime and anywhere. To do this, go to the four -footed stand and slightly lift both knees from the underground. "Now crawl with stretched arms by checking one hand at the same time with the opposite foot and slowly put forward," explains Sebastian Spatz. You only support yourself on the balls of the feet and your hands - and exactly, as the name suggests, the course should be like that of a bear.

The back remains flat and the shin legs parallel to the floor - always keep the head under active tension in the straight extension of the spine and the entire body. "The stomach remains tense during the entire exercise, the pelvis is brought stable into a neutral posture and the shoulder blades are also stuck in a controlled manner." Now move about 20 to 25 meters forward for six sets, 90 seconds may break between the units be inserted.

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fitness trend crawling for a flat stomach: these are the advantages of planking

in the planking are you a professional, but crawling is still difficult for you? This is completely normal! The dynamic movement makes the fitness trend coordinatively heavier than a static plan. The following applies here: practice, practice, practice! If you create the six sentences without any problems, the Bear Crawl can be increased. There are numerous variations for this: you can crawl backwards, attach weight cuffs to foot and wrists, increase the pace of movement, crawl on the side, install Shoulder taps, and and and ... "In contrast to the planking, the Bear Crawl offers an infinite number of options!" , according to the fitness expert. No wonder that the Bear Crawl fitness trend is-so into the sports shoes and get started!

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