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Netflix starts its own SISI film with “ Die Empress ”. The story around Empress Elisabeth captivates many fans. In the Interview with, the actors reveal exclusive details of the filming of Empress Elisabeth, Emperor Franz and Hofdame Leontine.

 „Die Kaiserin © Netflix "The Empress " The Empress ": Preparation of filming

before filming for " The Empress " were able to get to know each other personally. Together with the acting coach Giles Foreman, they tried the scenes. Almila Bagriacik (32), the actress of Leontine von Apafi, Elisabeth's court lady, raves in the interview: "We were able to rehearse as an ensemble and get all the questions that came up and answered during work." they work much more precisely on the set later.

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also strengthened the team spirit with each other. “It was helpful to create the community energy in the ensemble. I notice when I look at the series, but even on days like today, when we come together again, that this is a very special cast and that it is just incredibly beautiful that we were allowed to work together and continue to work - hopefully. ”

Blatant scene! The "proof of innocence"

Attention Spoiler was so depressing!

As was common in the 19th century, Empress Elisabeth has to undergo proof of innocence in order to prove before marriage that she has not yet slept with any man. In front of her there are two men, a doctor and a bishop who look under your skirt. It is as absurd as it sounds! The actress of Empress Elisabeth, Devrim Lingnau (24), recalls: “That was a depressing scene for me. On the set that day I felt caught up in the rotary process. I had the feeling that it is a protected room and everyone deals sensitively with this situation. It made it clear to me again how life at the courtyard must have been at the time, as oppressive and how misogymer. I am glad that we will show that too. This is an important scene for the series. ”

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The scene clearly shows that women did not know anything about their sexuality nor about pregnancy or their own gender at the time. All of this was determined and controlled by men. “This is well translated in film: between the woman who lies, and gender, which is examined, there is a great distance. There is no relation to your own gender, ”says the actress. “I perceived it as very oppressive that it is not desired that women are informed. The education about the female gender and female lust are still very relevant today. ”

also plays Philip Froissant (28) of the Elisabeth's future husband Kaiser Franz, the scene remained in the memory. "I think it has become a really great scene because despite this total exposure and vulnerability, this exposure, the resistance arises and you still see how strong this woman is, even in such a situation."

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"The Empress" actors: The 19th century dresses are really "The Empress" actors in an interview: What's next in season 2? here are the best Amazon deals!* "The Empress": Funny Behind The Scenes Moment

treats "The Empress" serious, historical topics, but the actors did not take the fun of shooting. Almila Bagriacik, actress of Leontine von Apafi, particularly likes to remember the moments in the mask: “When Melika and I sat together in the mask and took the wigs, we looked as if we had fled from an institution. It was very funny when we dropped the facade, because otherwise we always walked around with this attitude on the set. When we were private, we were incredibly funny. ”

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