Auto Shows: Deal with BYD Group: Sixt wants to put 100,000 Chinese electric cars into service

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In summer, the Chinese group has already overtaken Tesla as the largest electric car manufacturer in the world, now the attack on the German market is to be achieved. The rental car company Sixt buys on a large scale from the Chinese.

  Deal mit BYD-Konzern: Sixt will 100.000 chinesische E-Autos in Dienst stellen © Roman Pilipey/Epa-Fe/Rex/Shutterstock

The car rental company Sixt wants to buy around 100,000 electric cars from the Chinese manufacturer by car over the coming years. A first order includes several thousand vehicles, as Sixt announced on Tuesday. Accordingly, the first vehicles should be available this year. First they are offered Sixt customers in Germany , France , the Netherlands and Great Britain . Another 100,000 vehicles are to be put into service in several steps by 2028.

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The step is remarkable for both partners: Erich Sixt had announced a few years ago that he gave "e-cars no future" . Now, however, these become an important pillar in the group's business model.

BYD Auto, in turn, is one of the largest carmakers China and one of the largest electric car manufacturers worldwide. The company has set itself the goal of entering the German market and sees the deal with Sixt, not least as a possibility to demonstrate its vehicles of potential customers. "Our goal is to inspire Sixt customers with our latest products and innovations in electric vehicles," said BYD manager Michael Shu. In addition, Sixt and BYD state to explore other cooperation opportunities.

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The number of 100,000 vehicles is also huge in relation to the entire fleet strength of Sixt. Finally, the rental car rental company offered around 240,000 vehicles worldwide or via franchise partners. In 2021, the Group generated a profit of 442 million euros. So far,

BYD Auto had mainly focused on sales on the Chinese internal market, but has been pursuing ambitious expansion goals for some time. In March 2022, the group exceeded the 100,000 vehicles sold for the first time, and the company claims to have sold 1.5 to 2 million e-cars by the end of 2022. That would be a quadrupling of production compared to the previous year. According to media reports, the Chinese company is said to have already replaced the US group Tesla as the largest e-car manufacturer worldwide in June.

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