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gray hair? These are the 5 most beautiful trend hairstyles for you!

 gray hair? These are the 5 most beautiful trend hairstyles for you! hairstyles for gray hair no longer have to look boring and old -backing. But on the contrary! There are so many great women who show how beautiful Grauhaar hairstyles can look. Which haircuts and colors we would recommend for the autumn 2022 ? These 5 ideas! At least one of them will accompany you to the next visit to the hairdresser, so we are sure. We know: Why you already have gray hair in the 20s autumn 2022: The 5 most beautiful hairstyles for gray hair 1.

If you think about having a short hairstyle cut, the perfect time is now. Short hair is the trend in 2019 and reflect all styling variants from cheeky to elegant. We have put together the hottest information about the trendy haircut for you.

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The Undercut-Style

The Undercut style is one of the most popular hairstyle trends in 2019. However, the sides are no longer completely shaved, but simply cut a little shorter than the rest. Smooth, curly and cuddling: everything is possible.

for short or long: In 2022, these birch sticks are always the perfect shoe trend for skirts in autumn

 for short or long: In 2022, these birch sticks are always the perfect shoe trend for skirts in autumn The large shoe trend 2022 ? Without a doubt Birkenstock sandals! The comfortable and practical all -rounders conquered even more shoe cabinets in the summer of this year and they no longer want to give way to it in late summer and autumn.

trend hairstyle with pony

without a pony is nothing possible in 2019. If you want to go with the current trends, you could have a bob, more precisely a short bob. A frayed pony fits perfectly. This gives you the opportunity to wear your hairstyle elegant and smoothly, or rather rock and playful. With a touch of texture spray, get the hair more volume and can be styled perfectly.

The Wet look-fresh wind for wet hair

The wet look comes and goes at regular intervals. It also offers many advantages. It can be implemented very well, especially for short hairstyles. The pages can be directed backwards with a little gel, while the pony is combed back voluminously. So you can create a noble wet look within a few seconds.

short hair and waves - a great team

This sneaker icon from the 90s was the trend shoe of the Berlin Fashion Week

 This sneaker icon from the 90s was the trend shoe of the Berlin Fashion Week © PR This sneaker icon was the trend shoe of the Berlin Fashion Week PR The Designer William Fan is known for its shows of the Superlative and regularly invites the Berlin Fashion Crowd to the most unusual places to present his new collections. This year he showed his creations for spring/summer 2023 in the underground of the Potsdam train station in the club "The Tunnel" and catapulted the fashion audience directly to the 1990s.

short hair cuts are anything but masculine. With light waves and gradations, the trendy hairstyles look very feminine and stylish. The combination of waves and short bob in particular fits perfectly. In addition, it is a good compromise for everyone who does not dare to cut their hair very briefly.

short, shorter, the shortest: how short should the hair be?

You should answer this question yourself. How much do you dare to do? Are you ready to wait a few months for the hair to grow again for a few months? The short hairstyle does not always stand for a radical change. There are also differences in length here. In short does not mean bare and without shape. On the contrary, the short hairstyle offers many opportunities for individual development.

is the short hairstyle?

This can be found with various apps where you can upload or take a photo of yourself in order to equip your head with a new hairstyle. So you get a good feeling relatively quickly whether you really like short hair and save yourself the "horror" after visiting the hairdresser.

as in "Euphoria": The Bubble Ponytail invented the ponytail as a hairstyle trend in autumn 2022 again completely new

 as in that the Ponytail is the jeans, the trench coat or the small blacks of the hairstyle trends: one Classic that always works, everyone stands and yet never gets boring because he keeps reinventing himself. We can see the proof of this thesis on Instagram and Tikkok, where the ponytail is celebrated in a new variant in autumn 2022 - as Bubble Ponytail .

can you select any short hairstyle?

we advise against this. If we are very honest with ourselves, there are hairstyles that flatter a face, or make it look long, short, narrow or thick. Here you should rely on good advice to the hairdresser. As a rule, professional hairstylists can quickly recognize which hairstyle suits you best, which color you are and with what cut you make the best of yourself.

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