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Ciao Bella! As a hairstyle trend in 2022, the Italian Bob extends the summer feeling in autumn

 Ciao Bella! As a hairstyle trend in 2022, the Italian Bob extends the summer feeling in autumn in the summer of 2022 we couldn't get enough of the Butterfly Haircut and Sachel Cut . And there were already some highlights at the BOB hairstyles this year: from the Hartthrob-Bob from the 90s to the Box Bob to the Baby Wave Bob , the selection of new hairstyle trends was gigantic . A new bob haircut, which we are now taking in autumn 2022, is the Italian Bob, which causes storms of enthusiasm on the network and is now known as the best bob hairstyle of all time.

warm blond tones in winter? Yes, please! Fashion women rely on a particularly beautiful hair color trend in the cold months: Chai Blonde

Chai Blonde ist der schönste warme Blond-Ton im Winter 2022 GETTY IMAGES © Getty Images Chai Blonde is the most beautiful warm blond tone in winter 2022 Getty Images

on cold days nothing works over a sweet hot drink. In addition to winter variants such as gingerbread latte or hot (white) chocolate, we also love a hot chai latte. The sweet and spicy aromas simply go perfectly with creamy milk and warmth from the inside. And since trends can almost always be inspired by life, there is a hair color this winter that is named after the drink: Chai blonde.

That makes Chai Blonde from

In winter 2022, it is no longer about icy tones like platinum blonde. Rather, warm tones are now more in demand than ever. Chai blonde comes as if called. For this, the hairdresser uses the popular Balayage technology. This is particularly natural and has the advantage that there is no hard edge on the approach because it is so softly blinded with the natural hair color. So you can easily grow your hair without having to dye every few weeks.

as in "Euphoria": The Bubble Ponytail invented the ponytail as a hairstyle trend in autumn 2022 again completely new

 as in that the Ponytail is the jeans, the trench coat or the small blacks of the hairstyle trends: one Classic that always works, everyone stands and yet never gets boring because he keeps reinventing himself. We can see the proof of this thesis on Instagram and Tikkok, where the ponytail is celebrated in a new variant in autumn 2022 - as Bubble Ponytail .

is very important for blond hair that it shines and looks healthy. This is achieved with a gloss that makes the hair shine. Of course, a lot of care is required, especially when bleaching, even after visiting the hairdresser to supply the mane with plenty of moisture.

for whom the hair color trend is suitable

The great thing about chai blonde is that you can conjure it up both in blondes and dark hair. In blondes, bright, milky highlights are combined with cinnamon-colored lowlights and the trend look generated:

If you have dark hair, you can also venture into chai blonde. Here, the Balayage technique combines the dark main color with creamy blonde and light brown highlights. Face framing highlights are particularly beautiful because they play the face wonderfully.

As always with colors that contain several shades of color, the look looks particularly alive when you wear the hair wavy or curly. If the strands are fine enough, it also looks great and reminds of the icons of the 90s.

Winter trend 2022: A warm buffer coat that doesn't apply? There is currently at H&M! .
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